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  1. Thanks Tigs, this new ll has gone abroad for a year, she owns a construction company, seems nice and was genuinely horrified when we told her about other ll. This one is a businesswoman so I think she has more savvy about her. The other one is just a jumped up mortgage advisor who drives a beetle convertible, says it all really! I think they should do away with deposits, it just seems to be some kind of "tip" for the ll letting you the property. Why are there no landlord checks as well as tenant checks?
  2. We are in Scotland and don`t have that scheme yet unfortunately, however we do have the registration scheme and this is the second time she has let the property without registration. I reported her to the council months ago but they have procedures to follow but the next step is a rent penalty notice which is great as I know she depends on rent for her enormous mortgage. Allow myself small sly giggles........
  3. Indeed! Excellent reminder, will be my first phone call tmrw morning, thank you.
  4. Finally moved out of house with wretched landlady, (long history) have kept all email correspondance from her, found her new tenants who moved in 2 days ago. Asked her for deposit back, after her stating that in order to ensure the return of my deposit we find new tenants, which we did,(we have this in black and white from her) she replied we are not entitled to it as we broke the lease. Also claimed house was filthy despite my 7 hours cleaning it. Straight on the phone to council enforcement officer who adv us despite numerous letters to her, she has still not registered, and will now get rent penalty notice, he also requested copies of all her emails which he now has. He phoned us back to adv us she is not answering her phone. Surprise. We also gave him number for new tenants. Also phoned my solicitor for appt next week. Phoned Northern Rock to adv she is renting out property without their permission and therefore I expect building is not covered by buy to let insurance. Phoned new tenants who we happened to really click with and she told us her father is a buy to letter, and house does not have carbon monoxide detector plus she thought house was spotless. Plus she has not met ll as she left keys under watering can for her! She has no lease, which I assume may be in her advantage despite paying deposit into her bank 4 wks ago. Really is no wonder ll get a bad name.
  5. Saga continues, tried to negotiate 2 timescales for inspections for yesterday, both of which she refused and said she would let herself in "sometime in the daytime" spoke to shelter who adv she cannot let herself in as I have tried to negotiate times. Emailed her to this effect and adv her under no circumstance must she let herself in for a routine inspection (which is my first in 8 months) as I will treat this as harassment and a breach of my quiet enjoyment rights, bearing in mind I waited in the house for her and she did not turn up! Her reply was quite hostile and contained phrases such as "if you continue to address me in this matter, I will take pleasure in instructing my legal team to proceed with litigation" and "I suggest you change your tone" and "do not be a martyr about this" when I said I had waited in for her. This resulted in rings of laughter in my household and I have forwarded it onto the enforcement officer. They sent a letter out to her Tuesday morning.
  6. she is threatening to come round and let herself in for inspection tmrw, despite me saying 12-2pm is suitable for me, she can`t get in anway as our gate is bolted. I would call her an a***hole but that is an insult to said orifice as they have a purpose in releasing toxins from the body and are therefore extremely useful.
  7. added 17.03, ll gone all legal on me now, saying registration was sent away in November, blah blah blah, always suspected she was not quite right, now have the proof. Said I can break the lease if I advertise for new tenant, easy peasy, on local free site, same place as I found it. Suddenly wants an inspection tmrw, not been inspected since I moved in, no probs though, house is always spotless. Asked me for my solicitors details so she can proceed with litigation (yawn) replied and said her sol can write to me as she is the one raising the action. Think exposing the debt was a nice upper cut for her. Her emails are extremely hostile, can`t wait till she comes round tmrw. Whose for a bet? A 20 something mortgage advisor in high heels and cabriolet versus 38yof and 49yom with 2 divorces, a business and 35 years combined emergency services experience between them.
  8. Oh that was class, she said "I`ll have to take your word about the debt" so I told her the exact amounts that I had seen for myself. Printing all the emails off and keeping them, spoke to Shelter who adv she can take us to small claims court for remainder of rent, bring it on I say, I could buy and sell her. Repeated my question to her about ll registration. Eagerly awaiting reply!!!
  9. Well the plot thickens, had council enforcement officer round last night, listed all wrongs that should be right, he adv to get a solicitor with regards to breaking lease and he will chase ll for registration. So today, a very civil me asked for mutual surrender, giving her 2 months notice, received uppity reply back saying no, if you want to break agreement, you will find new tenants, blah blah. Civility over, I replied I know about the debt on the meter that I have been paying, not my remit to find new tenants, plus I know she is not registered ll. Ending with I will consult my solicitor. :angry: Tune in for the next episode.
  10. meeting with enforcement officer from council on monday to give details of the whole saga, boiler still knackered and switching itself off, smoke alarms not connected blah blah blah blah, waiting on cheque for £488 from hydro. Tds scheme is not in force up here which is a great shame, especially when I`m gathering ammunition.
  11. Enters with Dr Evil laugh........... thank you for links Matt, just off phone to local council and no surprise, ll not registered and enforcement officer will call me tmrw with regards to tenancy agreement as woman I spoke to just took general details, how long I`d been renting, how I paid my rent, she said she is getting loads of calls like mine. Searched on TDS sites and again, no surprise, cannot find anything. I feel about ten feet tall!!! Tbh can`t see ll being allowed to register once I reveal all the problems I have had. Keep you posted.
  12. Rent is 700 a month and her mortgage is 1100 so she has 400 shortfall every month, she`d never get 1100 a monht for it. House was 140k and 30k of that is one of those nr take out a loan and use it as a deposit type of things.
  13. Too expensive and tbh had too much of a nightmare that I just want out now. Heating now back on with minimum repair despite boiler being 14 years old and engineer telling her unless other repairs carried out it will stop working shortly, also entire system to be drained but 4hrs work but she`s not agreeing to that. Not my job to do that plus the amount of hours I work, I ain`t spending precious free time doing that. Latest on Hydro is, at least £1200 combined debt on both meters, this is after I have paid approx £500 off in the past 8 months. Combine that with visits from bailiffs and police last year looking for her, repossession letters, boiler breaking down twice and her reluctance to get it repaired think I have grounds for breaking tenancy agreement as I have not been able to live in peace. What say you?
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