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  1. One of my closest friends is an ea and most of the good bargains (i.e desperate sellers, bank repos) are bought by himself or relatives of his to be turned around for tidy profit!!! (well most of the time). Personally i dont see a problem in people behaving like this when our politicians do the same (fingers in pies etc). It may be wrong but what's good for the goose!! (edited for typo)
  2. Mine too, I was debating these issues with a mate he calmly looked at me and said "if the system does not work for you, change yourself to make it work for you as you have no control over the system". I think that time is getting closer!!!
  3. Know the area well, a total Sh!te hole, the price is quite optimistic as a mate of mine sold a similar 3 bed in the area for £250K just before the crash started which he had bought for £52K about 8 - 10 yrs before (Lucky Ba$£erd). I really never quite understood the fuss about the Olympics, once it they were announced prices in the area almost doubled overnight. The area is a dump and traffic is always clogged, for a poor part of London seems like every house has at least two cars. But alas some mug will buy it
  4. aaah you under estimate the chav factor preparing a microwaved meal is considered as a labourious task known as cooking. Maybe the higher priced food outlets may suffer but the one's selling cheap fried chicken and kebabs and one pound pizza's will be around for a bit i think.
  5. Has any one else noticed that Dfs has had a sale on for most of the year!!! With tv commercials always stating its the last few days of the sale.
  6. +1 Couldn't agree more, A close family is worth its weight in gold. But it seems ppl get annoyed with their family members far too easily nowadays a bit of patience and understanding that the individual him/her self is not perfect would make individuals think again before severing all ties. Too many want to chase the dream and live the lifestyles the media feeds them which they perceive to be true. No one is willing to make any compromises, The I want it all and i should get it attitude is rife. But on a side note i am 30 something so don't tar us all
  7. Never heard the full quote before but Ive used the above argument many a time when debating the faults in the times we live in. It seems the misconception which is held by a lot of young ppl nowadays (in my opinion) that "the universe revolves around me " will make things much worse as we go along.
  8. It must be tough to be female in a miracle economy unless you have three kids by three different men! It really is unfair for ladies to make a decision mostly & purely based on economic reasons. I guess we'll see more females hating miracle Brown & his policies, if not already, in coming years. Those were the days when one wage could support all family and bring up 3 kids in a 3 bed semi! Well that's enough as it is getting depressing, night! I never quite understand how people say this as its some past memory. This is exactly how i lived till the kids went full time into school and the wife got board and got a part time job. We get buy mind you we dont have the lattest anything but are happy and have never claimed WTC or CTC! Yes there are some that dont want kids thats their choice, there are the others that are too selfish to want to sacrifice anything in their lifestyle in order to have kids but blame it on economy or affordability. There will be some who cant actually afford to have kids but still do as the govt foots the bill! Its all a matter of choice where there's a will there is a way!!!
  9. Thanks for that, was quite an eye opener surly something has to be done, but sadly i apportion more blame to the govt as if it wanted to it could stop this. As for people doing this well if any dodgy person see's loopholes they can use to their advantage, they will! look at the recent MP's expenses scandal.
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