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  1. Frickin heck, what is number 84 like then?? It went for £200k more!!!
  2. Yep, I think that the advisors are going to find themselves hard-pushed to sell candidates that have had some sort of problem in their past employment history when they are coming up against much more competition. With the best will in the world if an employer has a 100 candidates shortlisted for a position they aren't going to employ someone who may or may not have to take time off / require extra support or flexible working hours.
  3. Yeah, the charity gets a lot of its clients referred from either primary or secondary care, some self refer and some are referred by other employment agencies. The charity does it's own in house back-to-work scheme so not quite as bad situation I suppose.
  4. No it's smaller than they are, only about 10 or so offices I think.
  5. It's total madness, I always thought that a 'proper' penthouse should have: a) Massive sq footage a helipad Nothing about that place blew me away at all. I am half tempted to ring up and register my interest at £500 pcm.
  6. Balls! Her funding is in place till April next year so will have to plan very carefully!
  7. Link to Gumtree ad There is a video tour as well here They want £1750 pcm. I used to look at this place and think I bet its gorgeous inside, having seen it now I wonder what the fuss is about! You could rent a mansion for less money than this, its not very big inside and the views over Leeds aren't exactly inspiring, very disappointed. The advert says "Please call Stoneacre Properties on 0113 2370999 to register your interest" as if they are doing you a favour!
  8. G/F works for an agency that works with people who have had mental health problems to either get them back into work or help the ones that are in jobs stay in them. Needless to say they are dealing with a fast expanding caseload at the moment of people who are out of work or lost their jobs recently. Lots of people who were 'fragile' to start with then lose their jobs, you can imagine the result. The charity itself is funded by Government but I am wondering if a time will come when the funding will be pulled on the grounds that there are no jobs so what's the point? (this of course would mean g/f out of a job so would have a major impact on us!)
  9. Ready to move room available(2) in a shared house (Preferred Indian) (£225 pcm) is the title, http://leeds.gumtree.com/leeds/76/35305976.html I wonder what would happen if you had preferred "White" or "British" on an advert?
  10. I think they can have whoever they like but what amused my juvenile sense of humour was this: Agents Address found: 3-5 Fanny Street Thats why its girls only I guess!
  11. I wonder whats going to happen when the pension comes to be collected, no returned phone calls and the pension advisors emigrating!
  12. Thats a good point I don't know which it is, if its residential it might seem a tad optimistic? Girlfriend's parents are bulls through and through so they lapped it up and made a point of mentioning it to me, they do gloss over the fact that they were telling me in June last year that prices would stop falling by Christmas and start rising again.
  13. Girlfriend's parents went to see their pension advisor this week who told them that: a) 25% of their pension portfolio was made up of property and he saw the property prices continuing to decline another 5-10% tops this year and then starting to rise middle of next year Now is this guy trying to reassure them that their pension isn't in trouble due to property investments or does he believe that there isn't much more fall to come?
  14. nikaso

    Ea Update.

    Are house prices matching the EA decline though? i.e. 33% off?
  15. More to the point who would want to buy a private school in this climate? Its potentially a big upheaval for kids if their school has to close, maybe we will see the smaller private schools folding and the larger ones being able to ride out the storm?
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