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  1. Many thanks to Beerhunter and all who helped with the new version. Updated version
  2. Am at a loss without this invaluable tool, but it looks like Beerhunter is back on the case. Property bee chat forum Looks like an update to resolve ongoing issues by the end of the month or sooner.
  3. Due out tomorrow morning, rather early as they are usually the same day as the BOE MPC, first Thursday of the month. LINKY
  4. New report due this week by the government funded economic and social research council. Wonder if this will make front page on the Express. Linky
  5. As usual forgot to add link SKY REPORT
  6. Have not seen JD on SKY yet, but did manage to find this article on the SKY website. SKY JD Interview précis
  7. Just found this for anyone who is interested, looking like a positive 0.3 according to a poll of analysts. Personally anything minus would be a bonus, and help to quell the VI hype. London South East Also confirmed on Forex. Forex
  8. I do feel they are asking a little too much when they associate the word "Credible plan" and the current UK government.
  9. Credit card link Sorry almost forgot link. It's been a long day.
  10. Just what an over indebted over taxed population need at the moment.
  11. Nationwide HPI now being released on Friday according to Forex. I suppose they had to bump it a day, so that it did not follow their latest press release. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...bI&refer=uk
  12. As long as it is in minus territory I for one would be happy.
  13. Forex forecasting minus 0.9 for next weeks index. Forex May forecast Enjoy.
  14. Found this in Google News Business section, rather apt and in flow with the general feeling of the non VI populace. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/emma_hartley/..._says_nonexpert
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