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  1. No, but Chards are not impressed with Elm's website peeps stealing their pics. Makes you wonder about the company a bit.. Linky
  2. Depends on which country. Germany is zero VAT for silver, but France is not.
  3. I don't think that is right. This is what Coininvest said last year: Here's the regs.]
  4. Sovereigns have a better fondle quotient than paper money too.
  5. Baird (Goldline) is in London and Coininvest is in Frankfurt. Which is cheaper of the two at any one time will depend on how the £ fares against the €. You also need to establish the shipping cost for your particular order as this can make quite a difference to the actual price paid.
  6. If you are in the UK it is difficult to buy anything for cash over £5000, since the money-laundering guidelines came in. Both of the following deliver in about 7 days from an online order. You can collect from Baird, but their prices are generally higher. Bairds Coininvest You could also look at Hatton Garden Metals, but I've never dealt with them so cannot speak about their delivery.
  7. If by "from Europe" you mean "from a EU country", unless you can find a brand new supplier whose turnover is still below the threshold, they will be compelled by law to charge you at the UK VAT rates if they send the bars to you.
  8. The special offer was the 1976 Austrian 1000 Schilling, "Babenberger anniversary". Price was £235.48 on the offer, currently £241.86 on their website. http://coininvestdirect.com/main.php?a=11&id=19
  9. Why are Philharmonikers legal tender in Switzerland? They are Austrian coins.
  10. In Hatton Garden's T & C it seems that they will not be responsible for delivery and the customer is advised to take out insurance. How does that work out costwise in practise?
  11. I think you are missing a couple of points. Their T & C are quite clear: I should imagine the English DSR are completely irrelevant because of clause 8.1: If you don't want to pay for and receive the coins you are contracted to buy it would probably be best to ask them to give you a settlement figure for cancellation of the order.
  12. No. I signed up with them last year and have no fax. I can see from my a/c info that I put 'none' in the box for the Fax number and it all went through fine.
  13. The St Leger Stakes is a horse-race held annually in September since 1776, but the records show that the London stock market prefers October for a rally.
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