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  1. The bit I don't get is why the Yen is so strong. If a country is technicaly bankrupt and will in time struggle to even service its debt, how can the currency remain strong? It almost gives hope for the £. Can someone who knows enlighten?
  2. BTL Addiction is very much alive, believe me. I am an IFA and it astounds me just how little belief has been shaken out of people by the "Global Financial Crisis". Bricks & mortar is seen as the safe haven, despite the fact that the other nations hit hardest, US, Ireland and Spain have suffered collapses in the sector. I recently "advised" (listened to) a retiring Policeman who decided to spend his £130K Pension Lump Sum on a BTL, despite already having 90% of his existing net wealth in residential property. Having predicted a HPC since 2005 I am less convinced by the day. The economic
  3. You can stop now. This thread was only supposed to be a four-poster.
  4. Some mad mare in the audience thinks the Debt is exagerated because the Govt's shares in the Banks are worth £Billions
  5. As existing Gilts roll over into new issue the buyers demand a higher yield to reflect the greater risk. The cost of servicing our national debt will rise from the current £1,600 per annum per taxpayer. To the Sheeple it means that interest rates will have to rise, perhaps substantially. Alternatively, post-election they start QE again and trash the currency and bankrupt the country. They will choose the latter.
  6. Gilt yields are rising again today and £ is taking 1-3% against every currency. If Brown doesn't call an Election today he is a Moron. Oh, hang on, he is a Moron. Woody
  7. Sorry about the picture ****-up. My first try here didn't realise there is no edit option once posted. Oh, hang on, there is. I take "Banks including Bank of England" to mean "Bank of England". Why would any other Banks buy Gilts, unless it is the state owned Llloyds and RBS using printy, printy? We is fecked. Since Autumn 08 we have been in econmic La La Land, but how do you tell the Sheeple that? This ONS graph on News at Ten would be a start. Woody
  8. A picture paints a thousand words and this graph, on Peston's Blog for an hour or two on Friday before mysterious withdrawal, says it all. QE explained in one go and very scary indeed:
  9. Welsh audience seem bored with the whole thing. Farage has turned into Kilroy, Peter Hain an arrogant knob. Tory lightweight and Janet Street-Porter shocking. Worst QT ever?
  10. Who is this vile screeching Witch who cannot put a complete sentence together? And if you want to see just how fuc*ed this country is after 13 years of madness, look at that audience. What have they done to us? Woody
  11. an interesting point made in this article is how labour shortages in china will push labour intensive industry out of the country to cheaper locations. such locations are becoming rather thin on the ground now and will be even rarer in 10 years time. China is colonising Africa at a rate of knots whilst the West gets bogged down in the Middle-East. China clearly sees Africa as their future manufacturing base with a young population (HIV took care of the demographics), no pesky Government red tape and as cheap as chips.
  12. Croydon was quiet today, no busier than a normal Saturday and more browsing than shopping going on. The party really is over, the chavs have run out of credit, whilst those with money are hoarding it for what they now know is coming.
  13. That Neville-Jones woman has the looks, mannerisms and stuttering delivery of Michael Heseltine. I think the Torys are utterly useless and show no appetite for election victory at all. "Vote for us and retire a year later that you thought" says Osborne. Yeah, great line George. I would vote Lib Dem if it was tomorrow, but seriously, they have imported so many voters and caught so many chavs in the benefit safety net that we are in real danger of becoming a one-party state.
  14. Not one single question on a totaly fooked economy. Wasn't the biggest topic of the week the 5 Million adults of working age in the UK who choose not to, the "economicaly inactive"? Simple fact is the BOE are printing £25 Billion per MONTH to bridge the tax-benefits gap and keep interest rates low enough to avoid rendering millions insolvent. I saw no discussion about that.
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