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  1. Hello, many thanks for the link. While I claim to be looking for a Liar Loans, I do mean I'm looking for mortgage that suits my budget rather than any kind of fraud. I don't know how much an 80k could still fall, but I am paying a fortune to rent a modest flat and wil save a substantial amount of cash per month if I buy. I really wish I had bought years ago!
  2. Hello to you all, I have been following this site for years and check in daily to see whats new. I'm currently a single bloke renting a modest flat in liverpool for £520 per month. I now am fighting the urge to buy, primarily to save money. I seek a modest house around £80k in the liverpool area. I have a very small deposit, with additional security (though not cash) provided by BoM&D. I realise that making a purchase now goes against the grain of this forum, but I would be interested in your thoughts regarding the shallow end of the market, there seems little room for price crash movement. Further, have all suitable kinds of mortgages dried up now? Can anyone recommend a good starting point for example I have just been speaking to someone at Nationwide regarding their mortgage product with 95% LTV - it does not seem to exist in real life. I would appreciate your thoughts Many thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply, it does seem odd that we have an almost blackout from any cameras around the site. The have been claiming that radiation levels have been falling all day, and you would have thought the news channels would have set something up. I would be very interested in seeing the picture today and being able to compare it to the earlier photos. It might give some perspective.
  4. Does anyone have some recent pictures of the plant, with comparable viewpoint to the pictures we saw during the initial hydrogen blow out explosions? I realise there is now a strict no go area, but did no one think to set up a camera before they fled? CCTV? Sky has video but seemingly from the side, and do not show the four reactors for comparison, like we saw earlier. Could the Jap government have placed an embargo on something like that?
  5. The Guardian, on the second explosion http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/14/japan-nuclear-explosion-second-reactor-fukushima
  6. Many thanks to you and Damik for the replies. That seems to be the crux of the debate, if it has/what has melted. Presumably some melting could affect the ability to furnish the sea water. Melting out of the vessel would place the reaction out of reach of cooling measures. I'm going to bed pondering why water will cool within the vessel but contact with groundwater may restart the reaction. Perhaps it has something to do with the control rods being in the vessel... I hope there is no further news in the morning and that they do have core catchers.
  7. So, is it correct to assume that a meltdown, even a partial meltdown, means the core vessel has been breached and the contents of the vessel are being held by the containment building?
  8. This is a great thread, many thanks to all contributors I feel vaguely better informed have read the whole thing. Does anyone know if a meltdown refers to the breakdown of the containment vessel? Is the reactor vessel the same as the containment building?
  9. I noticed a house had a new for sale sign, with a different estate agent. I am shocked at what i found at right move. If HPC is only just starting we're in for a rough time. I can't save the link here but if you look on right move and do a search for property for sale in L23 8UH - the same house is listed twice. One price is £589,000 then next price - for the same house is £425,000 a massive drop of £164,000. Could this drop more?
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