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    Moving To Fife

    Yeah that's what i've been seeing on all the websites (ESPC, Right-move, your-move etc) but it still seems a little high when it costs over 70K for a studio flat in dunfermline. On one income (a teacher salary) the banks seem to want to lend me a lot more than i could afford, or want to pay so i think i'll take your advice and rent for a while. cheers
  2. LibOz

    Moving To Fife

    Hi, I'm an Aussie who is moving to scotland to teach later this year (I have lived there 2 years ago). I have noticed a lot of houses/flats in the dunfermline area for sale and a lot in the same street and this has sent up red flags!!. Is there really going to be a house price crash? If so, when? And is it really worth buying anything right now?
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