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  1. We sold up in April 2007 and have watched the property market decline over the last two years. We have raised an eyebrow or two regarding the recent 'supposed' house price increases of late, but we know it's just a tiny blip and more falls are on the way.... unless ofcourse the government prints an infinity of £50 notes for everyone to share and enjoy. We are renting in France and wanted to know if we are alone or not in renting abroad whilst we wait for the right time to venture back into the UK property market. We initailly spent 7 months in Costa Blanca, Spain and now we are renting in the Burgundy region of France (Where we are also seeing local house price falls, upto 40% in some instances) Christopher & Eve.
  2. I agree, I thought the programme was very factual and also very bearish as such. It highlighted in basic black and white terms for the general viewing public the property market situation of the UK and how people have made mistakes to find themselves in negative equity. Very interesting them highlighting the fact that a younger generation want prices to fall whereas the older generation want prices to rise. Will make people aware that prices need to fall to attract FTB's into the market and that those older ones whom own property are simply built of greed and want some unfortunate buyer to come along and bail them out. Chris.
  3. As the economic and house price gloom becomes more and more apparent in the media, here we sit in rented accommodation having sold our house last year. Are we the only ones who sold up foreseeing all this bad news coming, awaiting the house price crash? At times we appear to be the only ones as most people seem to be disinterested in the slide of the economy, we would like to know if there are others who are doing the same as us. It isn't the easiest thing to do, sit and wait in rented accommodation when you have been used to your own home for a number of years, not able to buy as you feel the prices will drop further. On the other hand we are seeing homes that were way above our budget just a year ago now falling into our reach. How many years might this down turn last for.... should we believe Mr Darling's lastest comments that it could be the worst situation of 60 years and it's set be be a long dawn out affair?
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