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  1. I am sure i read somewhere that there was a prediction that USA was going to invade Iran in June...well while visiting US in May there were lots of stories about Iran and it's nuclear programme and that they were refusing to curtail it... Watch this space
  2. Although we may feel bad about gloating it is not as though we brought about this recession or this HPC. We aren't that powerful! What this site has done is give us information so that we could make informed decisions. Information not available other places. Finally the Truth is Out There (as well as on here!)
  3. Life is just not as simple as you portray it TTRTR. I earn a very good salary and between me and my husband could easily "afford" to buy. But why buy in a rubbish area if you can afford to rent in a really nice one? It depends what your priorities are but i would say it is important to enjoy your life as well as save up for a house. You are a long time old and an even longer time dead. While i would never encourage people to live beyond their means and get into debt, cutting out all the pleasures in life merely to "own" a house seems skewed to me. Unless money is the only thing you find
  4. Timmy Manson, i seriously like the quote at the end of your posts. It could become the new mantra for those of us who have failed to be seduced by the BTL culture. That and "I feel like Lady Smug of Smugville" or maybe that will just be my mantra! Sorry going a bit giddy with all this crash breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
  5. I think if i could get back into eastenders again i could maybe spend a bit less time on HPC.... But then i'd be watching eastenders again. Perhaps giving heroin a chance is not such a bad idea right_freds _dead
  6. Sounds awful but i can't wait to see the greedy unthinking b@$!@%ds get their commupance. If interest rates go up, surely some will be feeling the pain. Not to mention those whose interest only 2 year deals are ending. Cue wicked laugher
  7. Brid - could not agree more! There is so much more to life and being able to enjoy it while you're young is far more rewarding than waiting til you're 70 and retire to do all those things you always wanted to do -- but now are too full of arthritis. I made it a principle to travel and see as much of the world as i can as i go along. Anyway you might not be here when you're 70 and what do you have to show for it? A pile of bricks?
  8. From the parliament's discussion: 5.2 The UK has no experience of operating in the energy market with a net import dependency. This is a situation which is going to occur within the next few years. Coalpro believes that the market in general tends to look short term and therefore does not place a value on long-term fuel security. The market cannot ensure total security and is unable to prevent actual physical disruption of supplies especially if inspired through external events. Are any of the main parties talking about energy in any sensible way (aside from the Greens i mean) if not, it
  9. I have to admit that i am pretty scared by all this peak oil stuff. Maybe being a ftb will be a blessing if i can do the following: find and old house with a piece of land and start my own garden, have the house well insulated and put solar panels on it. Sounds like may need a water source too to become self sufficient. Actually should probably move somewhere warmer with a better growing season and more solar energy.... am i the only one thinking like this? My colleagues think i'm over reacting....
  10. A hair cut for £190?????????????? What kind of hair does she have, platinum??? I live in london but would never pay that for a hair cut. She needs to discover Primark, New Look and local hair salons. (Maybe even Clairol dye-it-yourself) Bargain hunting has been cool for a while (what with all the vintage chic). Where has Rosie been???
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