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    I don't know why that would upset you so much. If it's priced incorrectly, chances are it won't sell. The agent's right, mind your own business.
  2. They should have a giant tribal council and people get voted off. Or open up lines to get the public vote. That'd generate a lot of revenue. Or... a dance off. Imagine Dave the Camera-man busting his moves against John the editing guy. Other ideas that would be great viewing but less popular among workers include: * Thunderdome - 2 men enter 1 man leaves * The Running Man * Old School Gladiator Fights Think of the ratings!
  3. Good luck to Iceland. They should pay back the debt with blue lagoon vouchers.
  4. I went to Italy last year for 3 weeks with my gf and loved it. The prices in the tourist areas are ridiculous, though we got by ok by 1) Getting accommodation out of the main towns 2) Avoiding eating in tourist areas where possible 3) Refusing all "table bread" and rejecting any restaurants with "coperto" The food was fantastic and the only poor meals we had were in tourist spots. All of the best stuff was more local. Ditto for service, people were way friendlier out of the tourist areas and don't treat you as a cash cow. The Italians are masters at overcharging tourists. Paying a little bit extra to see amazing stuff is fine, but definitely shop around for food/accommodation!
  5. Gordon's rebuilding the country's gold reserves one medal at a time. Perhaps not the cheapest way, but he isn't the best with commodities.
  6. Erm, what's the point? You'd be slugging everyone as renters pay council tax too... Except for those living with mummy and daddy that is.
  7. 1 AUD is now worth over 53p. I can't remember the pound ever being this weak compared to the Aussie.
  8. I agree, I want to punch him in the face. At least make it so it doesn't enlarge if I move my mouse over it.
  9. True, but I'm not British born and probably won't be here when I'm old. Also as a higher than average earner, I pay a lot more into NI than Mr Joe Benefitmonger. I wouldn't be subsidising people such as him, so private would be a much cheaper option. How do you know if it's second hand or not? By the receipt? By the age of the product? Do show-room cars with 2 miles on the counter count? Who'd buy a new car then? This is a tricky area and could easily be abused. Fair enough, but imagine the complaints when say Polish workers didn't pay tax and left with all their money. Yep, govt spending needs to be reduced I agree, and it's got to be worthwhile to be bothered buying elsewhere. The problem is that the government wants people spending in the UK, and by increasing tax on goods and services, you'll get less tourists shopping (eg Europeans cashing in on the strong Euro), and more Brits getting items overseas or deferring spending. Edit: typos etc.
  10. Indeed, no health cover is fine. As a young healthy person, private insurance would be a lot cheaper for me than subsidising the old and sick. Unless I sell it to my partner before coming back. Then it's second hand and not taxable under the proposed idea. The main point is that if I defer spending until moving country, I win bigtme as the rest of the world doesn't use this system.
  11. Excellent idea. I won't pay any income tax or NI presumably? I'll go on occasional trips to France to stock up on cheaper goods, then after a few years move to a country that taxes on income rather than consumption with all the dosh I've saved. The Greens have my vote if they suggest this.
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