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  1. I write gas trading systems and I know the UK gas market very well. There are so few players compared to other markets and this makes for a volatile and sometimes illiquid market. Most off the action happens in the last half hour of the day. The resultant EOD price is used in all manner of commercial agreements between producers and shippers.
  2. How many of these mortgages were taken out to get round stricter affordability criteria I wonder? I.e. no intention of letting the property out...Eric!!
  3. Now this sounds like hearsay to me, and we don't want threads based on hearsay, do we?
  4. No hard evidence as yet. However I've heard this from two separate sources - one of which is here: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...t&p=1430172
  5. Fair point - the intrinsic value of these new build flats is probably only around £100k. You would think that councils and housing associations are in it for the long term, so perhaps they see things slightly differently. Whether or not they've paid over the odds, they are still helping to clear the market and lower the expectations of other sellers in the market who still think that £200k+ for a new build is a reasonable price.
  6. There seems to be a trend emerging: housing associations and councils snapping up large swathes of new build developments at massive discounts. I'll start: Aberdeen - Citigate - 2 bet flats were £250+, bought in bulk by a housing association for around £150k per unit.
  7. The latest on Citigait is that a housing association (Langstane?) have just snapped up all the remaining Citigait flats at a huge discount - £100k per unit.
  8. The ruskies are a bit too close for comfort I hear...
  9. The Russians are coming (they're already here actually) - 100% guaranteed.
  10. It seems that Barratt are keen to offload units at their Citigait development. I have heard that they are offering 10 units at £1.4M - a discount of £100k per unit on the current asking price. I have always thought that the major players would be the first to start slashing prices. They are far more motivated than other sellers (cash-flow) and will likely still be making a profit even in the current climate. Next up Stewart Milne...
  11. Perhaps it's just me but it looks like the Halifax online banking website has just crashed and burned.
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