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  1. It amuses me when people moralise about the work-shy, or single mothers in council houses. Are you going to tell me that you bunch of completely unreconstructed cynics are working for moral reasons? That you still believe in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay? That you still believe in the system and 'your' country? Come on...I can't possibly believe that. It seems to me far more likely that you work, pay taxes, etc, because you benefit from it. I'm not suggesting that if everyone stopped working then it would be anything other than disastrous, no-one could possibly dispute that, but I just find it pretty laughable when people moralise sanctimoniously. Pretty nasty, amoral people do this all the time, I find it hilarious. If you think people on the dole, and single mothers in council houses, etc, are so well off, why don't you go and do it yourself? You obviously wouldn't do that, because you're completely materialistic. If you genuninely are still working for moral reaons - it's time to wake up. I work because I know it's a marginally better life than signing on. The day that see-saw tips in favour of the dole, I will be quitting unceremoniously. While elements of your post were reasonable, this is a ridiculous statement. I'm sure virtually anyone could cite anecdotal evidence that completely refutes this. Apart from people who live in gated estates and never mix with anyone from this sort of background. High-ranking politicians, that draft the legislation, for example... No-one could reasonably claim that single mothers do not get preferential treatment in regard to council housing. Personally, it doesn't bother me in the slightest, but no-one could reasonably claim otherwise.
  2. My brother has lived in London for nearly ten years, and it is a fantastic place to visit. I live in Manchester, and though I really like living here, there is no comparison culturally. Just to give two examples, the Natural History museum and the National Gallery absolutely wipe the floor with anything comparable anywhere else in the UK, at least that I've seen. However, my brother admitted to me that he probably would never have seen some of the things we've been to see together, unless I'd been to visit him. As far as I can see, people that live in London generally lead the following lifestyle...commute, work long hours, travel home, are knackered, go to bed, get up the next day and do it again. Whenever I speak to my brother he is either (i) tired, (ii) drunk, or (iii) both, that seems to be the only way he can cope with the pace of life. Would you choose to live in London when you were in middle to late adulthood? I can't see any likelihood that anyone would, because it's too busy, too nosiy, too draining and too expensive.
  3. I am in a similar situation, and completely agree with your second point. On the other hand, I don't feel my 'savings' are remotely safe, and if it was feasible for me to buy a decent flat or house outright with my savings, then I would at least consider taking the opportunity / chance / stupid decision (delete as applicable).
  4. I take your point, and it is a valid one, and I agree with it to a certain extent. However, you are overlooking a simple fact that may be unpalatable for some people, which is that some of us simply do not like children. I don't like children whatsoever. I don't have any desire to spend time around them. I don't hate them, but I don't have any desire to have a child in my life. I am quite aware that I will probably end up old and alone, but I don't care. It has to be better than living a lie, and bringing a life into a very complex and unhappy world that I don't even want in the first place.
  5. I genuinely admire people's ability to live with their parents at the ages that they're claiming to on this thread! I'm 32, and I've lived with my mum for about three months since I was 18, and that was quite enough. The idea that I would start living with my mum now is horrendous and ridiculous! How can you have any privacy? Don't your parents' petit-bourgeois sensibilities drive you up the wall? Isn't it suffocating and completely emasculating? I am probably getting ripped off to sh*t with the place I'm renting, but there is no price too high to pay for having my own space and freedom, as long as I can mathematically afford it obviously. I have no idea how people could do demanding and quite boring jobs in accountancy, and then come home to their parents! I would go mad.
  6. I wouldn't pay much attention to anything the Blairs have said, they quite obviously don't believe a word that they're saying. They wouldn't know sincerity or honesty if it bit them on the bum. I do think it is sad, though, how many threads on this site degenerate into bitter chauvinism. The kind of pub boorishness that is the preserve of those who feel they have been wronged, but are somewhat lacking in the same willingness to look themselves in the mirror and assess their own failings. And I am very aware that some guys get taken to the cleaners, but going through life with a chip on your shoulder is hardly likely to help. I am interested in hearing rational arguments debating the biological and social differences between men and women - although this is often guilty of gross generalisation - but, surprisingly, pure chauvinism is less likely to make people view the site with credibility, and less likely to make reasonable people sympathetic to your views.
  7. It sounds a lot, but membership of these places can be £1,000 plus, then new clubs can cost probably another grand if you buy the most expensive ones, plus every year Ping come up with a new type of club that's going to turn you from a 22 handicapper into Tiger Woods overnight, plus a lot of these people actually have lessons in the vain hope that they're going to suddenly develop some hand-eye co-ordination. Once you add up drinks, meals, clothes etc, it's quite plausible that you could get up to £5,200 per year. I wish I had that kind of money to fritter away on something I am not very good at. Oh yes, I forgot about sex...
  8. I can't see that this particularly matters, considering the passing of time is going to conclusively prove their views to be incorrect. Even if it were possible to 'talk the market up' at this stage, which seems a complete impossibility to me, a few 'bullish' internet posts are going to be difficult to hear above the cacophony of doom broadcast by the mainstream media.
  9. Unfortunately, the next line in that film goes 'then tomorrow it would just be over', which doesn't really apply to this situation.
  10. It is just you, yes. I have become accustomed to central heating and the occasional meal that doesn't make me fart.
  11. I have to disagree. She cannot conceivably believe a word of this, it is total nonsense. Even if she were intellectually stupid enough to believe this, which is an impossibility, she'd have to be utterly ignorant of mountains of mainstream media completely contradicting her viewpoint, plus she'd have to be completely ignoring all of her briefs, who are surely making clear precisely what the situation is (as if it weren't obvious). It's just barefaced lying. These people would tell you black is white one day, and then the next say black is black, and that has always been our position on the subject, and you'd have to be an idiot to believe black could ever be white. She doesn't believe this any more than they believed Saddam Hussein could blow up Big Ben with a cruise missile, but that's not going to stop them from saying it.
  12. I simply do not believe this is your real opinion, it must be a joke, a wind-up, or ironic. Fionnuala Earley - the much derided individual whose job it is talk the market up at all costs - stated merely a couple of days ago: “while the economy is in recession, we expect house prices to continue to fall. Towards the end of 2009 we may see some buyers return to the market, but would not expect house prices to begin to rise until 2010.” http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/money/pro...icle5462413.ece While the government - who have obviously made every effort to shield people from reality and play down how grave the situation is - have admitted that the 'recession' could last for two years: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...mic-crisis.html Therefore, I conclude your views are supposed to be satirical.
  13. This I can agree with, but all I would say to you is going through life full of bitterness, assuming all women are nefarious money-grabbers, and expecting the worst of people before you’ve even met them will not lead to much fulfillment.
  14. At least you haven't let your experiences in life make you bitter, that's to your credit.
  15. Obviously it's not a serious suggestion, it's another hilarious gag. Oooh, he prefers fit girls to fat ones, how outrageously non-PC! What a rebellious and shocking attitude! However, the only minor downside to this suggestions is...every single company in the Western world is already utilising this policy whenever they can. It's barely possible to imagine a society in which sex and youth is more exploited to make people feel aroused or inadequate, and flog them useless stuff that they don't need. Every time I walk down the high street, I am accosted at least twice by attractive women, who are being unusually friendly to someone as ugly as me. I don't stop and talk to them, I just tell them I'm in a hurry (which I never am). Obviously, I don't take any interest in whatever it is they're trying to sell me, or delude myself that they're taking a genuine interest in talking to me. It only works if you're an idiot. And idiots already make tonnes of impulse purchases anyway. That's one of the reasons we're in such a mess in the first place.
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