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  1. I'm in the process of applying for a mortgage. It's with the Co-operative Bank and it's a 10 year fix at 5.29%, with minimum 40% deposit. It's the best deal I could find.
  2. lpparker

    The Big One

    That's so you can use it a toilet paper when money gets really tight. Although, the loss of 200 pages is a shame, will have to order an extra catalogue now.
  3. Yes, although it was fine at 1pm. I'm hoping it's just a blip.
  4. I'm glad you're planning for you old age now - I'm trying to do the same - but I suspect mine is alot nearer than yours. As for your parents, I'm sure you're being caring about them - but the problem is they just don't get it do they - they want to stay in their own home and nowhere else will do. They're not alone in that, hence the problems of the people in the programme. Right or wrong sensible or not older people like familiarity and I don't think it has anything to do with the value of their property.
  5. I think this is probably the sort of thing these people thought they were getting - but sadly, it was not the case. The schemes (according to the programme) were so complicated even they people selling them didn't understand them.
  6. There is no excuse for "Respected Financial Institutions" taking the pi55 out of the elderly or anyone else for that matter, just because they can doesn't make it right. As far as I can tell the people in the programme would've paid back much less borring on a credit card so in my book they're no better than "Yes Car Credit". I just hope you're as financially astute at 75 as you are now.
  7. Just slightly. Most elderly people only move when thet absolulety have too (into care homes etc) and then lots of them fade away really quickly after that being in a new and strange place. I hope people are slightly more caring about you when you're elderly and frightened. From what I saw they seem to have borrowed relatively small amounts and ended up paying back 6-8x what they borrowed, and signing away 75-90% of any house price increase (their childrens inheritance) by overly complex missold schemes made up by /bankers - the ones who are profiting from HPI from everyone else as well.
  8. I didn't make 150k (sadly) but after all fees and paying off mortage etc I've now got 90k I didn't have last week. With that and our savings we've got a very nice deposit on something, or I could just go buy a nice Bentley. It's not quite sunk in yet, it's more of a relief to be rid of a place I don't want to live anymore and for the first time in years (15 to be precise) to be debt free. It wasn't that bad - it was quite big and solidly built (1960's), also not on a large eatate. But I do know what you mean - the prices just seem stupid.
  9. I completed the sale of my flat last Friday. I bought the flat, (a 2 bed ex-council flat with small garden) in 1993, and lived in it until 2004 when we moved out of sunny Hounslow to Wiltshire to try county living. I rented it out for just under 2 years, but spend way too much time worrying about the state it was getting into, tabd so we decided to sell it, so the tenant moved out on 1st July, and we every weekend and a couple of weeks holiday cleaning it (it was left in a real mess) and painting it magnolia, new beige carpets etc - just like on the TV. We put it on the market on 24th Augu
  10. Just looked on Betfair and +0.25% is definately favourite at the moment, Odds of 1.22, with no change at 5.
  11. How do you value a rental property then? I thought it was 20xAnnual Rent - it that about right or is there more to it than that?
  12. Yep, asking prices are coming down slowly but surely. I've been looking (on and off) around since I moved to the area 18 months ago (I rent Dilton Marsh (Westbury) and work in Trowbridge) and recently things coming on to the market are at lower prices than those that have been sat around for ages (some appear to have been on the market well over a year. Some things ar even looking attractive for the price - but I think that's just because I'm becoming immune to numbers as I've been lookng at the Wiltshire Times for too long.
  13. Thanks for your responses. I haven't told my tenant yet - but I'll be doing that this weekend, and giving her 2 months notice as her lease has expired. I think the major problem is the roof replacement - but I'm happy to pay for that as I think it will be a no go otherwise. I know when I bought the flat I wouldn't have been able to find £10k to cover the roof replacement. I'd be happy to get a reasonable offer around 150k-160k, but I don't want to appear desperate, as there is nothing wrong with the flat it's actuslly quite nice (if a bit ugly from the outside) - it will be newly decorat
  14. Thanks very much for that - It's nice to know there's someone out there! Unfortunately, I don't think my tenant could afford it sadly - as she's a single mum on a fairly low income for the area.
  15. I need a bit of advice. I want to sell my flat, I don't live there, or in the area anymore and now we've decided we're not moving back to London it seems like it's time to sell. It is rented out, the tenant's lease has just ended and want to put it on the market in August (once I've given the tenant notice) The roof is about to be replaced, giving me a lovely 10k maintenance bill which I am happy to pay and also new security entrance buzzers and stuff which I'm also happy to pay for. (I assume these bills are at least part of the reason the 2 on the market aren't selling as the news only
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