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  1. I work for BT! Not telephones (Openreach) though. Payrises here are largely determined by your current pay and where you sit relative to your peers. If you're paid poorly compared to them and perform roughly to the same level you get a greater increase than them. We had a pay freeze in 2009 but that was the only one. Most rises were between 2% - 4% p/a amongst my colleagues. BT put 500million into it's pension scheme last year and i think they are doing the same again this year but i could be talking crap about the second payment. It would have been in their 2010/11 EOY financial report to the markets. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/article-1322647/Pension-fund-ruling-eases-financial-pressures-BT.html
  2. You are an estate agent and i claim my £5. p.s i editied out all the boring bits for you. when's your book out?
  3. This is what i want to do. I have just turned 30 but can squeeze onto the one year holiday/work visa. I am fed up here, i don't know if Aus will be any better, but as mentioned. its worth a look. if i dont try i wont ever know. take voluntary redundency from work which will be about a years net pay which completes my house deposit should Aus not work out.
  4. Isn't the government Britains biggest 'bank' now. So if they went bust i guess they would print whatever they wanted so the answer would be, they wouldn't go bust and nothing would happen. Food, fuel, money borrowing and plasma TV's might get a bit more expensive though.
  5. 3.5% now, what did it fall yesterday, 3.3? so is that a break even for the 2 days, except the individuals onlyme points at make a few hundred million out of the turmoil?! i dont think my S&S ISA is enjoying this at all! my pacific tracker minus Japan died on its ****!
  6. hah few! I don't know if i would be any good at contract work, i dont lack confidence i just fail to tell people accurately what i'm capable of doing, i seem to be able to tell them what i can't do. Probably comes from working for BT for too long. I don't have many formal qualifications excluding degree so i am doing the OCA/OCP in oracle currently to get some formal stuff on there. In a 'perfect' world, my situation would go something like, Go to Australia for the 3 week holiday, find out they can't get enough of DBAs and ask me to come back on a 1year working holiday VISA (while i'm under 31). I come back from holiday, apply for voluntary redundency which BT is quite keen on encouraging currently. Get my lump sum, invest most, put some in my pension and leave with a few k's in the bank to live in Austrlia for a year working as (a contractor i guess through agency). Hopefully after the year i have made up my mind whether i want to stay if i haven't decided yet i will apply for a 2nd year working holiday visa and by the end of the 2 years make the decision. 2 years is along time and i don't know how i'll feel by then. Maybe the UK will be a good value place to live by then?! Who knows.
  7. haha sounds fun but i was awful at languages at school and i think i'm too old and fat now to work it out. I think moving away it will be an 'isolating' experience and the lack of english spoken around me would emphasise that. I may never move i just want to try and see what else is out there while i dont have kids, financial comitments or other dependants. Skiing season sounds appealing though in France, not so much skiing in Aus afaik.
  8. I will let you know for sure, i'll send u a blank pm so i have it in my history as a reminder! Sorry i didn't need to even say white my point was i seem to fit into a silent majority which is being shafted from all sides. Parents generation shafting us for their pensions, the generation below (and ours) shafting us by living off the state. Colour certainly isn't on my agenda as an issue, was just meaning to describe myself! haha i agree however as imply no one can say who can or can't have kids, even though 'we' know they probably will need our help to raise them at a cost of our own. (monies!!) C#? ouchy far to maths for my liking i prefer words! I work predominently in Sybase (DBMS) with occasional Oracle fun & powerbuilder (sybase's scripting language) When i mention it to some people about going abroad they always focus on the job aspect, "Why do you think australia will have the job you want/need?". It's not just the job, its life. I cannot see an end to this country getting out of the situation its in and someone has to pay for it and its going to be me AGAIN.
  9. I'm in a very similar position to you Superted, both location, age and level of pure dispair. I live in Sandhurst which is on the trainline between Reading -> Guildford. Cheapest 2 bed place of any description out of a warzone is 850 per month and then you have the comuting costs of goin gto reading, guildford or farnborough. I'm going to Australia to see a friend who moved out to Perth 2 years ago and he has been back a few times and he never anticipates returning now. I will go out for a holiday for a month and while i'm out there do some research at some recruiting agencies and see if my skills (database / software developer) are required. If not i've lost nothing, if they are, i'm game for a few years in the sun while this hole tries to sort itself out. I love my country and i'm proud to be english but everything currently is stacked against a sensible (no liar loans, saved, own everything outright car etc etc), white, middle class degree educated individual. I should have just got some slag pregnant a couple of times and sat down the pub for the rest of my life. i'd feel less worthless and quite likely be worth more.
  10. There is a problem with this as well though sadly, it sounds good and should work. The smaller systems probably work because they are small. scoping those features to increase its functionality grow into a complex problem. Users are not just the solution they are also the problem! Changing the way they do something on the original system may be the only way to get it to work on a larger scale overall, but they won't see that. "this is the way it's always been done" mentality kicks in and you're screwed. Small teams = duplication of effort due to micro management and loses track of the 'bigger' picture. From my experience of working with government contracts, all those small scale systems will be owned/supported by different companies and they won't work with each other or make anything easy unless they get their cut. cost spirals. misscommunication or like normal no communication and those who shout loudest win and that is not always for the best of the system. There are few if any large scale legacy IT project success stories in UK government, and the way they work, there never will.
  11. sounds about right! common sense prevails. as was my tounge in cheek response to box tickers. 'your names not on the list you're not coming in.' analogy for not right form of ID, not coming to play. I'll except an apology in writing lepista. you can send it to "i'm a keyboard einstein and i'm sorry".
  12. were you able to attend the course anyway and if so did they just accept the ID or were you able to provide drivers ID?
  13. you're right i don't know what was asked to be brought along. what was required apparently by the individual attending was a drivers license or a bill (apparently) failure to provide this meant no participation unless common sense was applied. non was or at least the post author didn't say whether he/she did indeed attend the course. end of non story and completely off topic.
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