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  1. a likely scenario expressed very clearly. at this point i would be surprised if things unfolded in a different way to the one outlined in the above post but then again we have all been surprised before.. so again we wait and see
  2. assuming we had lost the battle of britain and operation sea lion was started by the nazis the war game that was played out in the mid 70's by the generals from both sides concluded that the german forces would have stalled on the second day of the invasion at the second inland defence line (not even made it to the main GHQ defence line) whilst the navy would have broken through into the invasion shipping lanes on the second day steaming at full speed from north sea bases, they would have taken heavy losses, but that would have been the end of the invasion, as even a few warships would have unleashed unimaginable destruction on slow moving invasion barges and transport ships due to the near perfect level of motivation and morale of the crews who would have fought to the last man and last round and then rammed etc... both sides would have suffered huge losses but we could have pulled ships back from round the world to fill the gap however hitler would have lost the cream of his army and huge amounts of equipment etc as well a suffering a massive blow to morale. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Sea_Lion#Post-war_wargaming_of_the_plan the link says that air superiority had not been established but the documentary i watched assumed that it had and re-ran the wargame i.e. it gave the germans a bigger advantage but the navy still got into the lanes and the ground attack still stalled at the second defense line etc...
  3. biflation indeed, for the uk call it "stagflation lite" if you want but it is what they are trying to do, to collapse things slowly trying to fail last, it will however just make the bi-flationary icelandic style collapse that much harder though. if the EU does hit the big red printy printy button this week (force the germans to just print up a couple of trillion, but with austerity measures to give it some legs etc) we are fecked sooner rather than later.
  4. was warning about this in my first posts on this site (me and a good chunk of other posters) i/we never said the riots would be about anything in particular (certainly not house prices LOL) just that they would happen (although food riots was mentioned a few times i think) anyway londons new 2012 theme song ironically by the same band and i bet joe strummer is pissing himself on a cloud somewhere. or perhaps edited, posted after merged thread lol....
  5. may i suggest a more suitable clash song in light of recent events or perhaps
  6. yeah, pay them less and then make sure what they do get is devalued by a hefty bout of inflation. got to be careful with the inflation genie though once its out of the bottle......
  7. there are some exceptions, here is rage against the machine frontman and KRS1 (one of the originators of hip hop) attacking the CIA etc and this is a modern classic immortal technique KRS 1 and eminem needless to say both these example got zero radio play lol
  8. this one was just as good in my humble opinion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBeoS69u67c people will argue about the meaning of the lyrics but i take it as the british army and the army of unemployed (interchangeable) and the "rather be anywhere else than here today" line being either a poor working class squadie wondering what he got himself in for whilst being shot at/blown up in N ireland /falklands etc or someone in the dole queue.,..
  9. so they finally admit what they are doing, call a spade a spade and vindicate a fair sized group of us posting on here who said that was the plan all along. (and arguably had been since 2001) this is not going to end well (at least not in the medium term)
  10. very busy indeed as he has all this to deal with as well
  11. as you have noticed with your thread on the coming muni bond catastrophe the bust is being pushed by the pensions and other running costs balloning while tax revenue collapses this is mirrored in the whole of the US over the next few years (and the uk etc) as the boomers retire and draw more and more out of the system until the tax take in no way is enough to even service the interest payments on the cumulated debt etc for anyone who is unaware of the scale of the problem please watch the 30 min version of the film I.O.U.S.A on youtube.
  12. oil shock= excuse for the double dip which was coming anyway, one option among a few that i (and others) postulated (in my first few posts on this forum) would be used to cover the fallout from the biggest bust in human history. the fallout from the "oil shock" will be the unwinding of the totality of the whole post war fiat ponzi (unfunded liabilities etc) and a clampdown on the people only to be avoided by genuine change and reform of the monetary system and geopolitical landscape, still going to hurt like a bast@rd though, though the earlier the bust (iceland ) the sooner and faster the recovery/rebirth.
  13. indeed, i am well aware of the points you are making i was just pointing out the arguments that were drawn out to justify the ruling. possibly, however the procedural error could of just of easily been justification for the ruling in lieu of the criminal harassment for which there are penalties anyway.
  14. yes a fair point, however using criminal harassment in an attempt to recover debt for which there is civil recourse available and penalties that can be rendered i.e. county court judgments etc, and as they can be sought/imposed without resort to harassment these actions (criminal harassment) are worthy of having the debt wiped anyway in my humble opinion and now clarified by legal precedent (the judges ruling on this case) when viewed as a whole. anyone reading this thread who has debt problems please contact the citizens advice bureau and or national debtline or the consumer credit association for impartial advice and help about these issues, a visit to your GP is advisable as well if your are suffering with stress/disturbed sleep etc as it is always best to get a handle on these things as early as possible and talk to people about it.
  15. it would seem puzzling at first but allow me to clarify, any more than one or two calls a week from anyone can be construed as harassment, this applies to anyone calling about anything not just debt that you may or may not owe, as unsecured debt providers have an address and one or two contact numbers most of them will send letters (contents of letters can be misleading and sometimes border on attempted fraud/harassment) and bombard any numbers they have with calls sometimes using auto dialer bots from untraceable numbers etc hence the ruling simply clarifies already extant law on the subject. (laws preventing harassment) the claim of harassment only applies if the companies seeking payment breach the law as defined above, as many of them do this as part of there standard operating procedure they are the ones committing criminal harassment as business practice so who deserves the moral outrage/ is the real bad guy ? and as the system stands you do not have to pay and you never did as far as i know, unsecured debt is unsecured on anything other than the persons credit rating which will be savaged for non payment(the punishment for non payment) , then after 6 years of having no contact with creditors you can apply to have the debt wiped and start repairing your credit rating or circumvent that and go bankrupt at any point up to the 6 years of non contact this is the system as it stands i do not have an opinion on the morality of it one way or the other i am just stating the "facts on the ground" of the situation.
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