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  1. did you also notice right at the beginning he slipped in "having just accepted a full asking price offer on their flat" sooooooooo last year and why was the jug-eared buyer bloke dressed like such a tw*t ?
  2. "Can anyone realistically see that happening" Is it just me that thinks NegativeEquity is an EA with too much time on his hands ??
  3. Relax, Mr Turnip...the drip drip effect is having it's effect and the eventual outcome will be the same. If you feel you need to do something spectacular, why not hire yourself a batman suit, adorn it with HPC logo and climb some stately building somewhere....? Windsor castle would be a good bet today !
  4. Local brach of Connells are having a special weekend promotion for first time buyers, been advertising it for a couple of weeks now- lots of special prices and stamp duty paid details. "Special" prices ? bet they're still the far end of a fart away from a realistic market price. Nice of them to do all the thinking for those poor helpless FTB's who wouldn't have the inclination to offer anything less than asking price.
  5. i get your point...dont want to cause hassle for anyone at the site...just want to hassle those smug EA's!
  6. Just printed out 30 A4 size banners with www.housepricecrash.co.uk in bold print. My idea was to take the dog for a walk late night and when I come across a for sale board, slap the banner on both sides ! (there are lots of boards to go at right now....funny that?!) its pretty easy to do, as most boards stick out over the pavement, so its not like I have to trespass anywhere to do it. I know they wouldn't stay on long before the p**sed off vendors ripped it down, but probably long enough for most people driving off to work/school run to get an eyefull ! anyone else fancy spreading the word
  7. not the one off Eastenders ?
  8. Wow, I can't believe the BBC reacted to our barrage....pity its only posted on the website - shame it wasn't one of Dermot's items on breakfast news!
  9. similar picture in knaresborough / harrogate... SSTC seems to be taking ages to go through... local property guide getting thicker by the week, and estate agents are EMPTY when you drive past. always someone on the phone though, but its probably an outgoing call!
  10. Where the hell was the economist to counter the daft bitch's views ? scrubbed off the end by a BTL producer probably ??
  11. fill a clear a4 wallet with these leaflets, stick a label on the front that says PLEASE TAKE ONE, then on a SUNDAY go round all the closed local EA's and blu-tak the wallet to the door or the window in the doorway. make sure its a nice day, so plenty of passers by! if you're really brave, do it on a saturday!
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