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  1. The alternative is I sack this off, and move to a smaller (1 bed) place, rather than this which is advertised as a 2 bed. Since asking rents are the same here as they were 18 months ago, I may be able to reduce the rent by ~£100pcm. I also considered moving out to Macclesfield (which is cheaper than manchester) and getting the train in, whilst being in a nice area, particularly for summer biking (!), or alternatively moving closer to the centre of manchester, which is cheaper. The real motivation from my point of view is just to save money. As per usual!
  2. Well, he's about my father's age, middle class englishman early baby-boomer-with-big-house, plus his primary residence. So you might say I have a "connection" with this particular group, much more so than, say, a 45 year old landlord, (or a 22 year old cocky little ~~~ ) I've known this guy the 18 months I've been here, and he's not a scumbag schemer, but he's not arsed about doing anything to improve the property either. It's rather old. I'm not arsed about that either, and the all-male turnover downstairs have not been to bothered either, in the time I've been here. When I first rented from him I figured he'd be fairly easy going, and not too bothered about stuff. This appears to have been the case.
  3. This had occurred to me. Of course. This is what I thought. You seem to be unnecessarily perturbed by this concept. In reality, I think the potential for my personal profit on the income stream would be very slim if at all, it would just allow me to live rent-free, whilst giving the old boy a more secure income guarantee in a weak market. I don't think he ever wanted to be a landlord. I think it was just a case of "needs must"; in stark contrast with what's just happened over the last three years of the boom. I appreciate this might be the case. The guys who have been in downstairs have been fine, however. I guess the LL is a good enough judge of character. Best of luck to you.
  4. Because it isn't 4.5% if you include the price of a house, it's more like -10%. On the way up, we said that inflation was ~2% when in fact it was 15% if you included the price of a house. Of course, we don't need to include the price of a house in the "inflation index" because, unlike food and petrol, people weren't buying houses during the boom, so we didn't need to monitor their prices in our quest to manage the economy through centrally-planned interest rate manipulation.
  5. You need to read Mish's web log to find out what deflation is. Hint: Nobody ever took out a mortgage to pay their electricity bill. Since you responded to the above post, I assume you think that a rise in your electricity bill from £23 to £52 makes it easier to pay down your mortgage? I've heard this a lot, but I don't understand why people believe it to be the case. See Japan for a possible answer. Oh, and by the way, your currency was destroyed so badly this last year, that it now buys more house than it did.
  6. I would imagine that he is the freeholder, since most houses in this area are. My parents, for instance, was. Again, he uses the term "leaseholder", when he said I would have to be the leaseholder, but I would have thought a lease must be purchased? None of this has been mentioned by him. If there are obligations and legalities, I need to know. Really, I'm talking about sub-letting, a term that is specifically from time to time. So, if anyone knows about the legalities of sub-letting, or any pointers that would be brill, thanks.
  7. The legal standpoint is why I was casually asking here, obviously I need to know this officially. Some peeps on here know stuff, but it can take a while to get a question answered. Initially, I was hoping he'd convert it to a house-share basis on my floor, and he'd get a second tenant in, and I'd thus pay less per month. I'd be happy to sign a new agreement with him, but was offered a "lease hold" as he put it. (Maybe his use of the term isn't strictly legit).
  8. Well, maybe he didn't. I joined in April 2005, but my first account broke somehow.
  9. The anticipated rent from two rooms would cover my rent, plus bills (which would obviously be higher). But I don't think there really will be any profit (from an accountancy point of view), unless you count the fact that I'd be living rent-free. He's just had a void on a room downstairs which lasted 1 week!
  10. I have my doubts about this Obama guy. Having missed every newspaper in the election campaign period (because I don't buy newspapers) and every TV show (because I don't have a TV), I judged him on his acceptance speech clip, vs McCain's "sorry I didn't win" speech. McCain came over the best. Obama came over as a bit of an arrogant ass-hole. Mish (who I have come to respect) considers Obama to be an economic lightweight, as does our very own Monkey-with-baseball-bat-man, who I recall described him as an idealist dreamer. The expectations are massive for this man. Given the US States dire fiscal position, I reckon Barack Obama will be the biggest damp squib disappointment the over-excitable American people will ever have seen. He probably will never get as "hated" as GWB, but people will start adopting a reluctance to admit they ever ramped his presidency once the truth outs. IMHO MF/
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