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  1. Someone once said on this forum that it was "the veneer of competency, rather than competency itself" that got people jobs at interviews. This couldn't be more true of the property industry. There is all this talk of soft skills but they do seem to prefer an over confident blabber mouth, as witnessed by the biggest thicky on our course getting the greatest number of job offers, despite a complete lack of capability. Anyway, King sturge, Watts, Atisreal, DTZ all laid off grads just weeks before they were about to start or greatly greatly reduced numbers. University is heavily sold on the "hollyoaks" vision of education these days.
  2. Bristol was absolutely heaving this weekend
  3. man I love that user name

  4. I agree with you. I don't aim to live in Clifton or anywhere near, but even the suburbs are out of my bracket. Places like longwell green, brislington (all near bristol) are too expensive for someone on 20k with a frugal living style, when you actually sit down and properly budget. All I want is a small 1 bed flat at 29 years old!
  5. God there is so much resentment of these public sector guys on this forum. Very tiresome. They are not the problem.
  6. An EPC does not inspect the fabric of the house - only its energy efficiency - and the last time I check the DPC had little insulation value. I think your confusing EPC with a Home Inspection which is the optional and entirely pointless part of a HIP. The HI is optional and a waste of time and money. I dunno, the HI would have done an HCR which would have been the most useful and interesting part of the HIP to homebuyers. But, yes, now they're optional it is pointless paying for one because you don't get the guarantee of receiving one when you come to buy.The govt knew that when they made the decision. Its how they got away with canning it.
  7. Great commentry. Its history now, presumably along with magnolia? What will be the fad in the nex boom?
  8. I'd love to know what websites there are for private landlords not offering crappy house shares but, say, 1 bed flats in Bristol? What are they called?
  9. Spot on. My mum's a social worker and I can confirm that the stories you hear are all true
  10. I'm interested in credit unions. Anything to avoid funding bank's fat cats.
  11. I agree. Its just a shame that a good honest tenant can't find a good honest landlord, yet both are out there! What does a letting agent actually physically do for their money?
  12. "Thank you for the reply. My Property is located on:Dean Lane, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1DDIt is a 1 Lovely Bedroom House lovely and spacious. It is located in agood and nice neighborhood very quite and friendly. It is close to Shops,Well Furnished with Microwave,Fridge, Washing Machine, Dryer, TV andDVD player, amoderate Storage double glazedThe cost of my Property is 700Pounds Per Month and the SecurityDeposit is 600PoundsThe Utility bills have been included in the Monthly rent and also theCouncil tax.I have attached a few pictures of my house to this email, I hope youwould love it andwill be renting it soon.Regards, You see, this guy says it's a 1 bed, but there aren't any 1 beds in "Bedminster" (really this is Southville) Double glazed storage? Getting lots like this
  13. Trying to find a 1 bed in Bristol. Getting lots of emails like this: Thanks for getting back to me. My name is Linda and i presently study in Newcastle.Here are the following details about my 1bedroom flat The apartment is located at Carlton Court, Canford Lane,Bristol,Avon,BS9 3DF and it comprises lovely dining lounge with large wide screen digital TV and broadband internet DVD CD Radio and guidebooks movies,apartment is well equipped, furnished and with internet wireless and communications access, the equipment such as electronics,cooker,drier,anger ,refrigerator, so fans,chairs,gas cooker,internet, windows. Am sending to you with this mail the pictures of the apartment..Hope you like them? The fitted kitchen has all appliances inc washer drier fridge freezer microwave and is self catering with complimentary tea coffee. The have freshly laundered linen towels included and an iron hair drier are provided also. The bathroom has a bath and shower as well.The monthly rent for the apartment including the Bills and utility Cost is 350pounds and a security Deposit of 450pounds which is refundable if you do not damage any of my properties in my Flat, while your stay there.because if you do make any damages the money of the damages will be deducted from the security deposit while the rest will be refunded back to you and if you do not make any damages then the whole amount of the money will be refunded back to you.There is also garage for your car park and garden..Get back to me so that we can proceed with other necessary arrangement. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks Scam? The pictures never quite match the style of houses in the area. For example I've been sent somewhere that looks like where the Golden Girls would live, just off a small road in Southville.
  14. Wow, same sort of bad luck as me then! RICS were arses. They promoted their HI course with one hand. With the other they criticised the whole scheme and that only their members should do it. How long did it take before your GP peers got jobs? do you know?
  15. I did the Home Inspector training with the BRE and UWE. Both good organisations plus it was govt backed. Then, in 2006 they suddenly did a u turn and pulled that part of the hip, making the 6k spent worthless! I wish I had done full BS and later did retrain to do that. Now there aren't any grad level jobs in that either because of the downturn.
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