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  1. It better hurry up - banks collapsing and semi's still at 2006 prices in Midlands... Detached in nice areas - unchanged! The market hasn't crashed - it's just slowed into a classic car market - not many buyers but expensive!
  2. People are movimg their cash from shares back into bricks and mortar
  3. My name is Scott... I put graphs on every post and then add my own drivel...
  4. The contenders are warming up it seems.. lets see the first gold medalist there!
  5. Look at anywhere nice to live.. anyone can find places that are white-elephants in the crap holes, they were just that throughout the boom too - London prices are actually going up!
  6. Most people here will still be 'waiting' when things are back on the up.. It's a looser olympics! and the people here are champions of the looser olympiad 2012.. they don;t need drugs like Ben Johnson - they have been in training for so long.
  7. No REAL price drops - just can't get away with price hiking too much.. Places are suddenly selling by me again! If they drop stamp duty then things will be on the move again!!
  8. If they do get rid of stamp duty prices will indeed start rising!
  9. It's still 'if' no matter what people here are wishing - I would doubt whether houses that you'd actually want to buy will really budge much at all - and in some areas they will go up (as they still are in parts of London). Some overpriced flats and the like will drop because they weren't even selling in the boom..
  10. Getting blood out of a stone is easier than getting paid by Reed Recruitment..
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