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  1. Nobody needs to be told (by HR or anybody else) not to voluntarily choose to go to Stevenage in their own free time.
  2. Talking to a car salesperson yesterday. Said that Kia fix their prices for 3 months at a time, but at present they're delivering around 4-5 months after a sale's agreed. Said salesperson told me they were very pissed off at having to phone customers to tell them their new car's going to be a month or two later than originally stated, oh, and by the way, by then the price will have gone up by £x,000, so they'll need to drop in before delivery to pay some more. Said salesperson was even more pissed off to be losing sales, more pissed off still that they then received a barrage of abuse from customers and most pissed off of all that Kia flatly refuse to tell the customers this themselves as they'd rather that the customer shot the messenger. This conversation was in a Kia showroom...
  3. The CEO and Treasurer will move to equally well-paid jobs in another area. Bin services (and jobs) will be cut in an attempt to recoup the losses. See "we're all in this together" for details....
  4. Quite. It's about time the bin men were held accountable for this.
  5. Too late. Taxpayer subsidy of the privatised railway is about 300% of what it was for British Rail. Whether we are getting value for money is an interesting question...
  6. Mothercare are closing down their online operation too. Seems they couldn't even get that right. (And yes, babycare is idiotically expensive all round but anyone paying MC's prices was quite frankly stupid).
  7. At the moment it looks like all the remaining stores are going to close, as well as its online operation. They've been shutting down shops for some years, this seems to be the end for those they still had open. Details here.
  8. Mothercare appoints administrators. Another one of those "actually I'm amazed they survived this long" stores.
  9. It looks like the building was constructed from left over bits of lots of other buildings.
  10. Johnson can still wheedle his way out of this. His plan is to write a letter but send Chris Grayling to post it.
  11. It sold!! It only took them eight years to find a buyer! Oh, and a 35% drop in the original asking price (from £450,000 to £292,000)....
  12. This story is an obvious spoof. Absolutely nobody becomes a Tory MP to screw a constituent. You become a Tory MP to screw everybody.
  13. That's exactly what I thought you meant. Scarborough isn't a place to get rich quick. Or slow.
  14. Indeed. With a place such as you describe (especially in Scarborough), it's amazing that they sold at all.
  15. We now have incontrovertible proof that the Tories have done something incredibly damaging and democratically unacceptable. Ruth Davidson's gone into hiding....
  16. Well, maybe, but there's more to it than that. The (very fat) elephant in that room is morbidity rather than mortality. Yes, obesity-related illnesses will be seeing off a lot of folk in the not so distant future, saving on pension payments, but those same illnesses will make people slowly, progressively iller and iller between now and the undertakers. The problems that obesity commonly causes (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some cancers, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, arthritis, etc.) often kill you slowly, with relapses and remissions along the way, though the overall trend is inexorable decline. Worse, there is the knock-on effect - high blood pressure itself further increases the risk of stroke for example, but separately also raises the risk of kidney disease and blindness. It means a gradually reducing quality of life and a steadily increasing need for (expensive) medical and social care support. Once you're on the slide you are likely to cost the system more and more while being able to pay in less and less. Was this considered in the analysis?
  17. Quite. How on earth could anyone possibly have realised that an Interest Only mortgage meant they were paying Interest Only?
  18. I thought they were flush, but actually they're in hot water. Didn't expect them to go down the drain.
  19. And they're both leasehold too. Where do I sign...?
  20. I saw that. But if I had £2.5 million to spend (fat chance...) or worse, the £3 million they started off at, I definitely wouldn't be spending it there. A totally impractical Grand Designs parody slotted in between 1950s houses on a street that's a notorious rat run. With the bonus of the A64 at the bottom of the garden, varying from constant roaring traffic to total gridlock in the summer season - at Bank Holidays it's the main access road to Scarborough and is basically a linear car park. No-one in Scarborough has anything like that sort of money and any incomer with the necessary cash will immediately figure out that they can do miles better somewhere else. Awful, awful, awful.
  21. Now down to offers in excess of £300,000. So far it's dropped by £150,000.
  22. The good news - a truly disastrous Grayling policy is to be reversed. The bad news - it's cost us all millions. Privatisation & Grayling - what a team...
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