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  1. Following which there's the burial. Some years back The Guardian ran a competition for the best epitaph for her gravestone. Second placed was:- "Here lies Margaret Hilda Thatcher. This space licensed for singing & dancing" But the outright winner was this:- "Here lies Margaret Hilda Thatcher. To read epitaph, insert 50 pence."
  2. I used to recycle the junk mail & return it. That way First Direct got crappy letters offering them a credit card from MBNA (with a free biro if you sign up in 14 days - whoo hoo!) & so on. It brought back memories of the late 80s - the more unsolicited offers you're getting to take on debt, the more you should save for the forthcoming crash.
  3. Best summed up by Dirty Harry in The Enforcer:- "PERSONNEL! Personnel's for assholes."
  4. How many government ministers does it take to change a lightbulb? None. But it takes four to set up a working party recommending that every local authority appoint a team of Darkness Management Co-Ordinators.
  5. Don't you mean like the Space Shuttle Challenger?
  6. Incorrect. A million extra positions have been created, not a million extra jobs. Example - The NHS now employs more managers than nurses. And guess which group will get it in the neck when downsizing comes. And which group won't.....
  7. I remember seeing something on the TV about 1991 in the midst of the last HP tumble about a guy whose business was booming because of it. He made "For Sale" signs & because fewer sales were happening they were rotating so slowly that all the EAs were having to order extra ones to plant in front gardens.
  8. And if they don't......er, then what? (Can think of several possible outcomes varying from Not Nice to Totally Bloody Calamitous)
  9. Oh they will cut back, they will. The problem is that they'll cut back in all the wrong areas. For instance, it's well known that folk get sicker in a recession, but vacant nursing & medicalm posts will be left unfilled & others will be downgraded but "Care Pathway Facilitators" will stay in their pointless jobs. Worse, as the service then declines further, the managers will then waste even more of our taxes on parasitic management consultants...
  10. Part of the problem is the blame game. Tony Bliar even coined the phrase "name & shame". No-on (IMHO) was forced to do anything. They made choices. Which have consequences. Take some responsibility, FFS.
  11. A bit off-topic, but this also says something about the standard of managers in this wretched country...
  12. At what point will it hit them that the rungs have been sawn through?
  13. Presumably a fair few holidays were booked & paid for months ago. I sorted my summer holiday in November - December last year. So the interesting thing will be looking at bookings for summer 2009....
  14. It is one of the telling ironies of modern British life that folk become more immobile, more obese, more unhealthy & more globular such that eventually they reach the point that the only stuff that fits them is sports clothes.....
  15. No it's OK, that won't happen. The reason is that there is NO public sector pensions pot. At all. To take the example of the NHS, folk such as nurses have a chunk deducted from their monthly pay marked "Pension" but it goes straight to paying today's NHS pensioners (those ex-nurses already retired). Tomorrow's not-yet-qualified nurses will be paying the pensions of those in work today...
  16. This is like people who took out loans in early 1929 to buy shares because they could only go up....
  18. No chance of that one I'm afraid. No matter how deranged the patient, a psychiatrist will only section someone under the Mental Health Act if the patient is actually treatable...
  19. Depends how you define normal (as my psychiatrist says...).
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