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  1. Actually, I worry about that woman's health. A primary symptom of Covid-19 is a complete loss of taste...
  2. Looks awful. After the middle section had fallen, I can't imagine what it must've been like to have been in the right hand section of the building as it tottered for a few seconds... https://twitter.com/AndySlater/status/1408051917964595202
  3. Headline in News Thump:- "Matt Hancock tipped for Tory leadership after photos emerge of him having an affair."
  4. Britannia Hotels - a company that have raised customer service to a whole new level of pain.
  5. I disagree entirely with Cummings' description of Johnson as being like a shopping trolley. Johnson is NOT like a shopping trolley. After all, you can get more food & drink inside Johnson and he looks better dumped in a canal. Mind you, a shopping trolley does have a mind of its own.
  6. "Possible positive outcomes" This should be a short thread....
  7. Not a new thing. I worked in the NHS in Cornwall in the mid-1980s. Several of the patients I saw in Newquay asking for help with heroin addiction were new arrivals who had moved south for just the reason you mention.
  8. From that article - "In another example, a two-bedroom flat at The Decks, an award-winning design with flammable cladding, sold at auction for £52,000 last year, 62% lower than the price its owners had paid (£134,450) in 2008." Imagine how much it would've sold for if it hadn't won an award.
  9. Well, over 2 years later and they're still trying. After starting at £3,000,000 it went to £2,500,000, then to £2,000,000 for ages, but now... https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/106071209#/ It's re-listed for £2,100,000, presumably raising the price a bit to snare the hordes of wealthy folk who are sure to be flooding into Scarborough to WFH - sat on the patio with a laptop, staring out at the A64 traffic queue and the pylon on the hill...
  10. Incredibly, we've reached the point where, in comparison, Theresa May's administration actually was strong and stable....
  11. Which is yet another depressing thing to add to the ever-growing list of stuff that's got worse in this country.
  12. Come come now, you have to keep a sense of perspective. It's only the 99% of politicians that get the rest a bad name.
  13. One punter's story - aged 23 "£20,000 is a lot of money to lose. I have been putting money into Football Index since 2016, when I was 18. "The drop in value of my portfolio sets me back a lot. Most of it was savings. I've seen Football Index as my savings account."
  14. Pictures 8 and 9 show what look like bars on the windows...
  15. That sort of thing wouldn't happen in Britain! The conviction that is, not the corruption - we've got the best politicians money can buy.
  16. Wonder how long it'll be before Johnson adds that to his list of reasons why the Scots can't be trusted with independence.
  17. Coronavirus is unlikely to cause a house price crash. Missed by most of Fleet Street, but noticed by The Daily Mash (the only paper that really has its finger on the pulse), there are unsung heroes fighting a long and lonely war to keep prices and rents rising no matter what. Read about the REAL frontline heroes of the pandemic here.
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