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  1. 2 hours ago, highcontrast said:

    I do actually agree with you there  @MonsieurCopperCrutch

    However, I couldn't bring myself to vote for anyone in the last election, haven't forgiven Labour for Blair/Brown plus Corbyn would have carried on with the reckless (i.e. uncontrolled) immigration (otherwise probably would have got my vote), and the Conservatives lead by the nasty self serving clown Boris... A lose lose for everyone IMO.

    Nearly 1,200 people arrived in England across the Channel in small boats in a single day, officials have revealed, a record for the current migration crisis. The Home Office confirmed that 1,185 people arrived on small boats on Thursday, surpassing the previous high of 853 set earlier this month. More than 23,500 people have now reached the UK after crossing the Channel onboard small boats this year.

  2. 5 minutes ago, msi said:

    I wonder what would happen if I went into yhe office and joined a zoom call for a project offering x10 my salary 'on the side'?

    Most likely you'd be in line for a weapons-grade bollocking from your bosses. But then, Geoffrey Cox's time when he's supposed to be working as an MP, as well as his office (and computer, heating, power, etc.) are paid for by the public. So that's all right then...

  3. 3 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    True....but only for a year.  Because the lower the index is this September the higher NEXT year's increase will be.

    Remember that although they publish the % increases in the media the actual underlying figure calculated by the ONS is an index figure.

    In other words, if over a two year period prices rise by 6% you could just about manipulate that to be (say) 3% then 3%, as opposed to 4% then 2%, but you can't ever just "lose" inflation along the way because behind the scenes they're comparing actual prices.

    Who cares about next year? Nobody does such far distant long-term thinking any more.

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