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  1. I haven't had time to look at the forum for a few days but I just checked out the Land Registry thread and saw a lot of gloom from us HPCers. But there is some cheer (if you live in England) - because prices actually fell in England. The headline figure for England and Wales is a rise of 3.52%. However, the figure for Wales is 7.42% This means that the figure for England on its own is a fall of 0.38% This may not be huge, but it is still a fall. See this article in the Guardian yesterday: Wales outstrips England on house prices Calculation: W = WALES = 7.42%E = ENGLAND = ?Avg. = 3.5
  2. Currently i pay my licence fee, but I do find it really annoying that I pay for Sky, and have no choice but to pay for BBC as well. Anyway this topic got me interested so after a bit of googling I found this website which has lots of information: http://www.tvlicensing.biz/
  3. I had a really good laugh at this. Sadly to spoil the fun, I think the photo is of the back garden. If you look at the interior picture (difficult, because the website is poorly written and flickers a lot) you will see a double glazed door, and solid/brick walls.
  4. My heart bleeds. Welcome to reality.
  5. Maybe we should just tax the European hauliers as they enter the country...
  6. Last night there were huge queues for petrol stations in Basildon, Wickford, and parts of Southend, causing a 30 min journey to last an hour and a half as many of the roads were (partially) blocked by queueing cars. My journey yesterday began at 7:30pm - well after rush hour. One petrol station - a BP - was sold out of petrol but people were still queueing and being turned away. A colleague who tried to fill up at lunch time reported today that another BP petrol station in Basildon town centre has run out of petrol and will not get another delivery until 5:30pm. The local ASDA round th
  7. Glad to hear life is on track for you! Does the new house mean lots of little monkeys are planned? Some housewarming / parting gifts: monkey was irrepressible I am the greatest For your new home: UK Do-It-Yourself Guide All the best Adam Bear
  8. We use the U.S. definition of "billion" as well, i.e. "a thousand million" The UK definition is "a million million" Ad
  9. Couldn't resist the challenge... Searched for "letwin debt doubled" on google, and the first few results included: July 30, 2004 From the Guardian: £1,000,000,000,000. Household debt breaks the one trillion barrier Also in the Telegraph: 1 Trillion in the red - and still spending Finally, from The Scotsman: Britains £1 trillion debt mountain Edited for spelling
  10. The beeb have this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4225676.stm
  11. Try this link for more info on repossession: www.home-repo.org
  12. This link will take you straight to the results page Well its just an indication of sentiment, 'tis all!
  13. Are House Prices set to take a tumble? At the moment looks like 20% believe prices will rise 2-5%, 20% believe they will stay the same, and 20% believe they will fall 2-5%. Might be worth a look
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