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  1. No I'm, not just talking about big family homes. Studios to mansions.
  2. Bit too long in the tooth to be fooled by estate agents, especially those I've had dealings with for years. Also a bit to old to be patronised. Shan't bother replying. No point.
  3. Used to post a while ago, and now just pop in for the odd peruse. I don't wish to rain on anyone's parade, but for the past few months, and this year so far, virtually every property is being sold at or above asking price. People are outbidding each other and agents are going to sealed bid offers all over the place. Every agent I've come across from sw London to the whole of Surrey is moaning about lack of supply. They can't all be wrong. I would say that the market is booming as much at the moment in my manor as it has done at any time in the past 5 years. Quite a few repos going on, but it
  4. We've got a surge in valuation instructions for purchases and building surveys too. No sign of a crash where I am.
  5. Ref. shortage of properties, last week I posted about the shortage of properties in Putney and Mortlake and that some levels of property are flying off the shelves. It also seems to be the case in Caterham, Surrey, that ftbs are back, few investors, and agents complaining that they can't get enough sub £250k property. The mid range in this area over the stamp duty mark is however sticky. £500k plus market is healthy, but having to take offers. I've read some other threads about other areas and I don't doubt them. But to be sure, there's no crash climate in the air in some areas. These may we
  6. I've had to stray out of my area a bit to help another office (Putney). Speaking to local agents about flats, they say that they haven't got enough properties to satisfy demand, and 2 bed flats under £250k are disappearing fast. In fact they weren't happy because they said supply was drying up. One agent said their applicant list has doubled in the past 6 weeks. Another said there are lots of ftbs letting out a room and many strs returning to the market. Also people fed up renting. I said I couldn't understand the upturn this year, but they said the media influence was pushing people to jump
  7. I'm amazed at the resilience of the market, and I still think the UK is heading for a fall. But in my part of SE Greater London, family houses are selling very quickly - I mean offers in days or a couple of weeks. This may be a spring bounce, but it's certainly a turnaround from the past 18 months, no doubt. Higher value houses (£400 - £600) are sticky, but the million pound plus market have a shortage of properties. In short, I think this forum is very much in a minority and a real crash is some way off.
  8. There's no valuation in the HIP. At the moment it's supposed to last for 6 months before being revisited.
  9. I'm not in the least affronted or offended. In this job you have to be very thick skinned and my colleagues and myself have all had fabricated claims of wrong doing made against us. It goes with the territory. I did post some time last year to zzg I believe, that the RICS is a VI. Seemed to get a surprising response. It is a trade organisation to some degree, but before someone plants a bomb at their HQ in London, I would point out that this press release is from one part of it - the part that affects most on this site. The rest of the Institution is to do with quantity surveyors, building su
  10. RICS is under attack from CML for overvaluation of new builds. This is very old news to those of us involved on a daily basis. Investment cartels, often directly linked with the developers, ramp up the sales figures. Banks take a see no evil approach, and everyone, except the FTB is happy. The whole 'industry' is bent. I have declined instructions on this basis, but it doesn't make for good business relationships.
  11. No, very few buyers have a survey now. Most will be content to rely on the home condition report (as most now rely on a 20 minute mortgage valuation inspection). But then it's only the biggest purchase of your life, so what the hell.... Gotta go, another repo to do.
  12. This was discussed some time ago, but happy to reply. Surveyors hate HIPS because: 1)Conflict of interest. Who's paying your fee? The vendor. Who's property are you criticising? And who's not going to be a happy bunny when you provide and impartial critical report? Who's going to be less happy when it comes to paying your fee? 2) Double liability exposure. You now have a duty of care to 2 parties instead of one. Possibly more. Double the risk of litigation which will reflect in professional indemnity insurance, already sky high. 3) Pressure from selling agent and vendor to alter report. Thi
  13. The inspector can't qualify unless he can do SAPS. Obviously it's cost effective to take the notes and measurements onsite on one visit.
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