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  1. I don't get this, you are happy living where you do, I live in the centre of Cambridge and am happy living where I do. I have lived in the villages around Cambridge and hated them and like you would avoid central Cambridge I would actively avoid living where you do. What I don't understand is your need to bring your son to a place and berate other people's choice. Stay where you are and be happy.
  2. Thanks for this information can you give me a reference for it. in my personal experience, no reference, it seemed that in the last crash prices fell in the less desirable areas and stagnated in more desirable ones, I can truly say I didn't see a crash of 10% through our Cambridge city bit would be happy to be proved wrong. interestingly I think the same thing is happening now but as I say it's all anecdotal not fact. i can also see Cambridge rental market remains strong in parts but unpredictable or maybe predictable, good product at reasonable prices rent v fast, otherwise some price reductions.
  3. I agree, the importance of not sitting in a car for an hour a day is I petani to a lot of people. Many children in Cambridge have never got into a car to get to school like other places, they walk or bike, it's quicker and healthier.
  4. Interesting, 13K is a about £7.50 and hour, what does he do. Don't think he or you can blame the whole city of Cambridge for that! Why didn't he work elsewhere. they may feel that ways about Cambridge residents but it's not my finding, there is an enormous cross section who lives in Cambridge, maybe this is based on who they know and meet.
  5. You are looking at prices today, in 2010, 6 years ago you could buy an end terrace in the Victorian houses off Hills Rd for 280K, so while some were predicting prices going down other bought these homes and still live in them. I know people who do. Property doesn't stay empty or for sale long in Cambridge so someone's buying them. If it's not where you want to be that's fine, other do want to buy here. For how long who knows but at the moment property is selling.
  6. This is my own opinion I have no data to back it up. firstly I wasn't aware people 'gushed' about Cambridge but many people do enjoy living here as they do in London and other places that some would not consider a place to have a home. ex students everywhere often want t o return to live in their university city or stay their after graduation, this probably happens more in Cambridge as its a place with many graduate jobs. Living somewhere as a student, moving away from home being independent has a special feeling that some want to recreate, if many of your student chums have stayed you have a friendship base. University employees particularly academics within the college system have a priverlidged lifestyle if you want that type of life. They are surrounded by other academics, clever and often eccentric people who provide a stimulus to everyday life. There are other bonuses to being a college fellow, free food, cheap home loans, access to the college cellar, travel perks and a good pension. For the non academic, non ex student population their is a multicultural city that has great theatre, events, concerts, beautiful architecture in the centre and a largely safe environment. It is easy to get about, by bike or foot, most cities have a car problem like Cambridge but without the bike solution. It is easy to access London and airports. It has good state schools and for those who need it private schools. These are just my opinions, I live in central Cambridge I am not an ex student or a academic or a college employee. I am sure there are other great cities to live in, not everyone wants to live in rolling hills, but where is better?
  7. It is interesting that many people who live in the crap HMO continue on to buy or would like to buy a central Cambridge property. The actual bricks and mortar they live in may be bad but the experience of living in Cambridge is not.
  8. No one can tell but if it's your home and you like living there it helps a bit if the value falls. Central Cambridge is not everyone's bag but if you work in the centre it saves an long commute in rush hour from the surrounding villages, which are also pricy.
  9. If someone is looking at their home then it is seldom regarded as an investment IMO, it's is just a comfortable place to live.
  10. I agree, most of the U.K. Is safe but some of the world which you claim is peoples oyster is becoming less so as exampled by my earlier post.
  11. I have lived in the Carabbean, recently sold a house there due to the increase in violent crime, a friends son was shot in the face this Christmas Day in a bungled robbery, I'm glad I've sold. i have lived in the USA, enjoyed it but not close to my family and I live in Cambridge because that is where the things I enjoy are. I can walk or bike everywhere, have a decent social life and get away easily if I want to. it appears to me that you don't understand choice, what one person may choose won't be what another does.
  12. Because this is where people's working lives have been so their friends, maybe family, things they enjoy are in Cambridge. Most people choose to live where they have relationships, work and enjoy,net not just because the house they could live in is £100k less expensive.
  13. I guess from the lofty heights of the Peak District it's easy to look down on the Fen Dwellers but many people enjoy what Cambridge has to offer, theatre, cinema, museums, concerts, lectures, further education, easy access to London. All can be accessed on foot or by bike, no need for multiple cars for families. Unemployment in Cambridge is low and is had an interesting mix of inhabitants with wide ranging backgrounds and views. Many people do not want a few acres and a Tory borough. i am aware of some of the terraced houses in Cambridge being bought by cash rich downsizes who want to maintain their city lifestyle and have sold the larger city properties they no longer need, so they are still close to shops and amenities but in a cheaper more manageable house. i guess it's hard for people who have opted for a rural lifestyle to understand the enjoyment of city life but it does exist!
  14. Maybe we are talking about different developme nts then because I have spoken to the developer this week The new build was sold at foundations level and the refurb has also now been sold I guess they may not have people living in them but they have definately been sold on from the origional developer!
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