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  1. Agreed but 1 -0 a bit disappointing tbh but a win is a win
  2. Presumably if you have a good survey and it is missed you have some comeback later down the line?
  3. I looked at a house in Donegal last year beautiful place 5 beds few acres giant workshop and astonishingly cheap............. cash only mica sale
  4. Well he obviously has a very good crystal ball, buy buy buy
  5. I caught an online headline last week that M&S are closing 110 shops but it seemed to miss the BBC TV news altogether
  6. Handjob will be gone by next week wont he?
  7. This is a moment of true comedy genius
  8. You are Quasimodo, I claim my £5.
  9. I thought we had a dedicated vaccines minister
  10. Maybe this is all a smokescreen as they are burying more shite
  11. So who is gonna be the first to fall , Handjob?
  12. Maybe this will bring house prices down
  13. Not me bring back average house prices at 3 x salary and lets get back to normal
  14. I think 500K is still obscene and prefer to think of it as half a million.
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