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  1. Sigh. I was referring to my own boss who does indeed have a DB9. I guess you're just having a bad day.
  2. It's a DB9 actually ... and yes that's pretty much exactly what he did say.
  3. I'm not ashamed to say that I stocked up on tinned/dried food today and to be honest I think I'm being pretty rational about things under the circumstances. As others have said, one man's 'tin-foil' is another man's glaring reality. The main discussion forum is a good barometer of what's on the mind of the average HPCer and to that end I'm not sure why we need to separate out any of the posts other than those that clearly belong elsewhere.
  4. So it's not just the BBC that can't keep up? Every minute of every day my ****!
  5. ... and everyone who has gained from this madness can f**k the f**k off ... I want to see this system burn to the f*cking ground. OK, back to Just a Minute.
  6. They're not going to reject this are they?! That would be super awesome
  7. ... and now Tony Blair is appearing on the Daily Show! How much can one man bear!
  8. Interest rates were at 15% before so we're OK ... unchallenged, or rather a quick edit to a question about his involvement with HBOS.
  9. Encouraging to see that the majority of people seem to have their heads screwed on correctly. The remainder are free to fill their cars with as much abiotic oil as they can get their hands on ... honestly, you can have all of it.
  10. Know what I say? Bring it on! I'm prepared. Are you?
  11. Ha ha RICS guy hysterically saying "How can you order a first time buyer not to buy a house?!". It's called sound financial advice you frackin twunt. I know these people have a job to do but how can they keep trying to support the market when they *know*, they 100% know for certain that buying at this point is utter utter madness?! Shameless feckers.
  12. Probably too complicated for the average Joe Schmo but for me this chart is a cracker. Nice work
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