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    Scratch that, I'm off to Sweden instead.
  2. I'll be moving there with my family later this year. Apparently rental places are hard to find, but buying a house looks a bit cheaper than where I am in the UK, if you go out of the centre. And like in Norway, you can pay mortgage interest from gross income.
  3. I'm planning to find out for myself later this year - been offered a job in Sweden and, assuming the final contractual bits and pieces are sorted out, will be taking my family over there in a few months.
  4. I haven't had an inflation rise for years. Private sector.
  5. Lots of people have lots of opinions on the subject, and everyone's situation is different. You may think it's better for the child to always be with its parents until it goes to school, while I think it's better for the child to have lots of social interaction with lots of other children which will help prepare it for school. Neither of us can be correct for all cases.
  6. My mortgage is £625 PCM and my childcare costs are £1635 PCM (twins, full time). It's still worth us both working for several reasons: 1) the boys love nursery. 2) we're still a good £700 a month better off than if one of us stayed home with the boys. 3) risk management in terms of keeping jobs. If one of us loses a job it doesn't matter that much. If only one of us is working and then loses the job it matters a lot. If it was up to me I would allow all childcare costs to be paid for out of pre-tax income.
  7. We did a wraparound extension in 2011 to our 3 bed semi in Warwickshire. 3m out the back, single story sloping roof, 4 skylights, full width of the house, replaced garage roof (old one was bonded asbestos) and came out the front just under a metre for a longer garage and a front porch bit in order not to get rained on when fumbling for keys. The building work included a new downstairs shower room and various internal bits and pieces, like a new stud wall and bits of replastering the old house. Total basic build cost was £45k inc. VAT. We then spent probably another £10k on flooring, bathroom fittings and the new kitchen, and decorating.
  8. I work in an industry which has very few jobs available, especially at my level. When they do come up there is intense competition for them. One such job has come up in Amsterdam, and I'm applying for it. However, I don't really know much yet about the cost of living there, and what sort of salary level I should aim for compared with my UK salary to achieve the same or better lifestyle. The tax system seems rather more complex than the UK system, and there's also a 30% ruling for skilled immigrants. Anyone got any tips or experience?
  9. Stamp duty is a horrible regressive tax and should be abolished entirely.
  10. If I were a squid, being damp would be quite a desirable state of affairs, and being submerged more so. Squid: betentacled sea-dwelling creature. Squib: a kind of firework.
  11. I think Philip Oliver, when asked about tax breaks, said they they probably wouldn't have prevented closure in this case. It doesn't have to do with making a profit, it has to do with how competitive the business can be in the international games development marketplace. The UK is quite an expensive place to make games for a variety of reasons. We are generally pretty good at it though.
  12. I worked there for nearly 3 years from 2007. Sad times.
  13. This woman is either mentally ill, or the Daily Mail is making her appear to be mentally ill.
  14. Ha - the BBC test puts me in the elite category. This is clearly wrong.
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