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  1. I think i can trump those: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-203...12&tr_t=buy 6 bedroom on 'Palace Street' in Llandaff, Cardiff. Has a Palace price of £1.5 Million...yet i see no palace EDIT: Oh and it has been on the market since march, funnily enough no takers yet
  2. As a single bloke in my mid 20's who works in a city it is the ideal place to live for me. Obviously being single and in my mid 20's, it doesnt take a genius to work out that i have never been able to afford to buy a house that i think is worth the price tag, so like most i rent. Personally living here saves me a hell of a lot of money compared to living outside town. I have a nice flat about a 10-15 minute walk from the centre and the same amount of time to walk to work in the other direction. It has secure parking so crime is not a problem, i live in the top floor so the central heating is only turned on once every 3 months or so to check that it is still working ok, or to put it another way, my gas bill is currently £7 a month (and thats for a decent sized two bed maisonette). My other choice is to live outside the city in a not so nice flat, the cost of which would be cancelled out and then some by the cost of travel, not even taking into account if i chose to buy and maintain a car on top of that. On top of all that I live in the bay, nice bars and restaurants, so going out for a meal need not be a mission pre-planned days in advance, just a walk down the road, and a wobbly walk back at the end of the evening So for me, in the current situation i am in i could find no better or cheaper place to live, after all my bills are paid i still have about £1k disposable left every month to spend and save as i see fit....would i bite your hand off if you offered me a nice 2 bed house at a sensible price? Yeah i probably would, but that not going to happen for a while so i might as well make the most of living somewhere that is as convenient as possible.
  3. Ive been keeping track of houses up to 150K in Cardiff since February on Right Move/Property Bee and have come to the conclusion that most house sellers are stoned and walking through life in a daze. The number of houses that have been, and are still on the market from at least February is astronomic, yet the number of people lowering their prices is woefully low. There are even some instances where there has been no interest in a property in months so the seller decides the best thing to do is put the price up! I think a lot of deluded people are in for a big shock, to give a flavour what it is like, when i started back in Feb, it took me until about page 33 to get to the properties at the 150K mark, now i have to trudge through 80 pages of properties to get there!
  4. A few people got the old 'risk of redundancy' marching orders at my place, though all those were developers for software that the company wants to phase out so doesnt come as a great suprise really. Good job im a developer for it's replacement
  5. Too true, he looks like a newbie that had more money than sense, they always want to make a fortune on a small investment in a small space of time, always doomed for disaster. The reality is i think alot of people become under the delusion that they can make a living out of trading with nowhere near the kind of investment required and end up leveraging themselves to the hilt.
  6. Day trading your whole margin on one trade and at $100 per point no less? Yes a fool and his money are quickly parted. I too learned the hard way but only on about £500 as the one thing i did appreciate before i started was that i had a lot to learn These days its 2% stops and 4% limits for me, boring i know, but then it doesnt end in a video on Youtube
  7. This idea that youngsters cant get ahead in this day in age is utter tosh. I finished Uni in 2004 after 4 years, paying my way through by working part time while doing my course since my parents couldnt afford to help me out. Once finished i continued my part-time job to cover my bills while i looked for skilled employment, finally getting a full time job 3 months later i moved into a shared house. Not ideal living situation but it's extremely cheap to share a house/flat with other people in the same situation so NEEDS MUST. In a few months i'll have worked in my current job for 4 years and have already doubled my earnings in that time. So, young person, no dependents, no debts, plenty of disposable income that i'm using to save up for a deposit for when house prices are sensible. I now rent a decent flat on my own....would i like to own a house right now instead? Of course but i cant afford it, so it's tough s***, but a long stretch from being the end of the world. I have friends that finished Uni last year and all without exception have a job and are renting property, no living with parents, no spunging off nan. So the oppertunities are there for people who want to take them. This is not a young persons issue it's a cross generation issue as there are now and have always been spungers in society that think the world owes them a living. So anyone who doesnt consider themselves a 'young person' yet perpetuating this idea that it is impossible for us, sorry you don't know what your talking about.
  8. You 'fume' at her lack of responsibility, lazyness and immaturity, yet you youself come on here acting as if it is in no way a reflection on you. Am i the only one that can see the irony in this? I dont think it takes a rocket scientist to work out where she's getting her lack of responsibility from. You go ahead at point fingers at society or tv or 'young people' or whatever it is you need to do to bail yourself out, but dont try to play the sympathy card, we can all do that one mate, my father left home when he was 14 to earn a crust because it was that or take a beating every day, didnt stop him teaching us right from wrong, respect and hard work, if anything, given the hard time you had growing up yourself, you have even less of an excuse. I'm totally baffled by your attitude.
  9. With the greatest of respect, if stepfather since 3 then is fair to say that you and her mother are responsible for the attitude she has today. Not society or young people in general. I and both my siblings left home at 18 have all been self sufficient ever since, and 99% of the reason is because my parents taught us that there was no such thing as a free lunch. So dont be mad at her, look a little closer to home.
  10. If you look at it from a purely psychological point of view, the very fact that he uses the word 'debt' rather than a bullish buzz word like 'investment', does smack of someone cracking under the pressure of their own foolishness. I.e. Writing/talking in such a way as to incoherently justify their own actions. Also the act of attempting to drag people down with him by effectively advising them to partake in his foolishness tells me that if not mentally, then financially at least, he is past the point of no return and is trying to enforce a 'if i cant have it no one can' scenario.
  11. I'm a software developer for financial systems, even now i'm getting around 2-3 calls a week from job agencies and am personally quite embedded in projects that regularly turn over significant amounts so i feel fairly safe at the mo. Either way I'm sure in the down turn there will be plenty of need for automated book-cooking systems Though if i were to hazard a guess at the safest job, i would have to say David Davis - I mean hell the guy fired himself and apparently a bunch of mugs were more than happy to pay 80 grand to give him his job back!
  12. For me i would say it was about midway through 2005, when i had finished uni the year before and already had a decent payrise to move me up to 21K. Which wasnt bad for a 22yr old. I figured it was about time i started looking to save up a deposit and looking at property. I figured a nice 2 bed in a quiet cul-de-sac would be ideal for a FTB as my sister had bought a similar property just around 2002 for barely more than 50K. In my niavity i just presumed after 3 years these places would be going for around 65-70K, which would be just on the limit of sensible lending based on my earnings....... Boy was that an eye opener! 65K?, yeah 65K to put a tent in one of the back gardens maybe. My sis sold for 125K just 6 months after this revelation. I refused to ever look at buying any flats because ive always considered the amount that people have to pay on the lease to be totally unjustified (my Landlord pays £150 a month! a mortgage in itself if you ask me!) So that was out of the question, so my only other options was either to buy the worst house in the seventh circle of hell (known as Ely in Cardiff btw) or carry on renting. I think you can guess what my current situation is now.
  13. Hi guys, Does anyone out there know of a good online platform for buying shares? All i can ever find are these spread betting platforms, which are fine and ive used before, but ends up consuming alot of my time (checking stops and limits constantly etc). All i want to do is to be able to buy 'x' amount of shares and then sell on as and when it suits me (i.e. none of this leveraging nonsense). Are there any mini accounts about that anyone knows of? Any help would be much appreciated
  14. How about building one of those big Telsa towers...or does that kind of thing still get you shot at?
  15. I think a mixture of horrific monetary policy and peak oil are both to blame here. Looking at the stats for production capacity, i think it's likely that oil will have a more difficult time going down in price than it has had going up. Especially with Saudi Arabia and UAE increasing in their own oil demand faster now than the BRIC countries.
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