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  1. Bang your CV out everywhere... Hays – www.hays.co.uk Reed – www.reed.co.uk Spring – www.spring-technology.com Modis – www.modisintl.com TechMahindra – www.techmahindra.com NES IT – www.nesit.co.uk Just Engineers – www.JustEngineers.net Purely IT – www.purelyit.co.uk Hotfoot Recruitment – www.hotfoot-recruitment.co.uk Connect Group - www.cgc-ltd.co.uk Total Jobs – www.totaljobs.com Project People – www.projectpeople.com Progressive – www.progressive.co.uk GCS Ltd – www.gcsltd.com Computer Futures – www.computerfutures.com Jobserve – www.jobserve.com Jobsite – www.jobsite.com D
  2. They say part of the reason for the rise is a fall in revenue from parking tickets. Were we not told this was NOT a cash cow not so long ago????
  3. ROYAL BANK SCOT ORD 25P (RBS) 16.50 -18.20 -52.45%
  4. Same in this area. I put it down to budgets and EAs cutting the number of properties they have advertised. Waste of time, they're not shifting - except by auction
  5. The volume of paper money floating around the system reduced significantly following the introduction of electronic banking. Liquid wealth, or lack of, is simply a number in a digital system, and doesn't actually exist.
  6. Once you have details of ownership from the LR, you then need to backtrack to the vendor / previous owners. Be careful of back to back transactions (bought by builder - not registered - sold on at profit). Also, after repossession, was it marketed properly to achieve the best possible price (legally obligated). Once you have details of all the parties involved, serve them with a Subject Access Request (£10 fee), under the Data Protection Act 1998. Shake the tree, see how many monkeys emerge.
  7. Also the property auction showing autions from December 2006. More property crap on BBC2 now. It's as if the BEEB have been given orders to promote property (using old footage).
  8. QUOTE: 12:52GMT 17Nov2008-Wolseley falls ahead of trading update --------------------------------------------------------- Shares in Wolseley drop 7.6 percent ahead of the firm's annual meeting and a trading update on Tuesday. Traders say that poor performance in the UK housing sector is contributing to worries about the British construction firm's earnings outlook. Home construction companies are trading lower, with UK property website Rightmove reporting a 2.9 percent month-on-month decline in asking prices for homes in November. Taylor Wimpey is, however, up 7.6 percent on a newspaper repor
  9. Fine Wines and Whiskey don't seem to be doing too badly, but do your research (year etc.) and store it properly. Don't drink it either!!
  10. From their website - DEAL OF THE WEEK QUOTE: deal of the week THE MORTGAGE MARKET IS CHANGING MORE QUICKLY THAN EVER BEFORE THAT IS WHY IT HAS NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL IMPARTIAL MORTGAGE ADVICE. Contact our fully independent experts, who can search the whole market place to find you the best mortgage and insurance product to suit your exact needs. We have access to a deal where the lender will allow the child to take out the mortgage with a parent. They will lend 100 % give a free basic survey and do not charge MIGP the fee is low at £ 499 which can be added to the lo
  11. As title Edit: Link http://www.msnbc.msn.com/
  12. So feck all the businesses and people they owe money to, shed their liabilities and carry on. Typical property feck 'em all mentality.
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