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  1. check this out: http://www.espc.com/ Now, just a couple of days ago, it was "five" minutes!! So it's official - property definitely taking longer to sell in Edinburgh!
  2. As posted on another thread, lenders are already starting to pull their subprime mortgages: http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/cgi-bin/it...h=341&f=342 Expect more to follow. So your chav 5x mortgage is indeed disappearing fast.
  3. http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/cgi-bin/it...h=341&f=342 From this afternoon. More to follow?
  4. Evidence of price drops: http://www.espc.com/EspcPublic/UniversalPa...aspx?rid=244702 Fixed price £179,950 but at the bottom of the details, it says Offers over £179,950 http://www.espc.com/EspcPublic/UniversalPa...aspx?rid=240112 Fixed price £182,000 but the details say fixed price £190k! Bring it on - I wouldn't pay either price for either flat though.
  5. I appear to be on the wrong forum..... thought it was HPC..... but recipes, shopping lists, there'll be someone along in a minute who's had a lightbulb moment.....
  6. The recent interest rate rise has just been shoe-horned into the article. Later she says "But analysts expect the results for 2006 to show us US GDP to slow down to 2.7% and there are other signs that the economic recovery is very fragile."
  7. I can't get over the people selling the 4 bed house - they only bought it in FEBRUARY!! And 5 months on, they want to sell, to get some property abroad. Now I've never bought a 4 bed house, but I know they don't come cheap & if I was about to shell out for one, I'd do some proper thinking about it first and make sure I wasn't going to change my mind in a few weeks time!
  8. All very interesting, Edinburgh people - I think I might start collecting copies of the ESPC paper to keep an eye on how things change. In the meantime, here's a wee gem to drool over.... http://www.espc.com/EspcPublic/UniversalPa...aspx?rid=243186 One of their neighbours paid £135k for the privilege last year !!!
  9. Well, this little beauty is an example of a newly fixed price: http://www.espc.com/EspcPublic/UniversalPa...aspx?rid=241274 Still an extravagant amount of money, but I was quite interested that they would appear to be struggling to sell (at a price they want). Unfortunately I don't remember what its 'offers over' price was. It would also appear to have sold in 2004 for £190k...
  10. I've a couple of saved searches on the Espc website which I like to look at every so often to see how many flats I now can't afford. Been on it tonight after being away for a while - and I'm sure I'm seeing more fixed prices than before, including some which were previously offers over. Why would people move to a fixed price - can't get what they want from the offers? Is this a sign of things 'cooling off'?
  11. Interesting article from the Telegraph on Saturday - couldn't find it another topic on it, so here it is: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/main.j...30/pword130.xml He's basically arguing that if lenders wouldn't lend such big money, prices wouldn't have gone up so much. And he's invented the IPOD (Index of Prices affordable to Overburdened Dreamers) to track just how far the lenders are willing to go. Nice idea....
  12. With all the talk about assets being at their peak, is now a bad time to start paying money into a stocks & shares ISA? Or will it all even out anyway? Was thinking about starting to drip feed in some cash every month, but don't want to start if the whole thing's about to keel over...
  13. Newsnight is the only other news programme worth watching. I never usually see BBC at 6pm, but was shocked the other month when their first item (ie the MOST IMPORTANT thing happening in the world that day) was the fact that Blue Peter had also had a phone-in scandal.
  14. On tomorrow night, 8pm "tales of people who have raked in enormous profits buying & selling property" Maybe we can all learn something......
  15. You can see this in magazines - every week in Grazia, the fashion pages are full of clothes, handbags and shoes for 3 and 4 figure sums. It starts to seem the norm, and when they run a 'bargain basement' article with jeans for £20 it really stands out. I think people (ok, women!) have really started to think it's normal to pay £400 for a handbag or a pair of shoes
  16. What about this though: "After viewing more than 50 flats in less than six months without finding a single one they could call home, Kirsty McStay and Anthony Edwards thought..." No shortage of supply then, surely? Are this couple just particularly picky, or did they bid for loads of these but keep missing out? Or not finding anything they thought value for money? We should be told...
  17. You want to try citylets.co.uk and lettingweb.co.uk - most flats in Edinburgh (not sure about Glasgow) are listed on these. Also for Edinburgh, use the Scotsman property section for renting direct from landlords - worked a treat for me!
  18. The BBC article is the worst - as someone earlier said, the language used is SO misleading: "Looking to unlock equity from their property" "unlock money tied up in their house into a more spendable form" This all makes it sound like money these people own in some kind of saving account which needs extracting from the bank. They're not UNLOCKING anything - they're borrowing more money!! I think I might write to the BBC to complain.
  19. "Right or wrong sensible or not older people like familiarity " Exactly - they probably know all the neighbours and shops around there too. Why would they want to up sticks and move somewhere they know nobody? Start all over again, at the ripe age of 75? I sure as hell won't be
  20. Taxi drivers are in agreement with the gardeners. Got a lift with one in Aberdeen the other day (where prices are red hot - 20%+ rise in last year). Anyway, he reckons it's all going to come tumbling down & a lot of folk will end up with burned fingers. Is the worm turning??
  21. Makes me boil. Prime(ish) tv showing that you can rack up huge amounts of spending without ever having to worry about actually paying it off. Not a smidgeon of concern on her face (unsurprisingly). Just get lots of lovely free stuff - wahey!
  22. Interesting reading, and bears up what my husband is seeing in London. He's looking for minimum wage-type jobs and is having no luck at all. Last year he didn't have any trouble, but now there doesn't seem to be much around. At least he'll feel slightly better if I tell him lots of others in the same position & it's not just him!
  23. Evening Standard 'Homes & Property' supplement this week had another of those frothy articles explaining new affordability options for FTBs (sorry can't find link, but they don't seem to publish the articles on website). Among the advice that 'you can now borrow 5 times joint earnings' () was this: "Ray Boulger makes the point that if you take out a 100% mortgage you will probably pay 1% more in interest charges. But provided house prices go up by more than 1% a year, you are still better off than waiting until you have saved the deposit." ??????
  24. Anyone else notice it? OK, it's an article about buying property in France & the various pitfalls involved, but there at the end, among the caveats, is a mention to check out the forums on here. http://money.guardian.co.uk/buyingproperty...1691395,00.html What's that they say - all publicity is good publicity...?
  25. Well, thanks for all that guys. I suppose one view on my original question isn't too bad. Back to the flats-for-rent websites then...
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