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  1. An interesting anecdote about Durham City is that it is heavily into BTL. Lots of new build flats, studios and shoeboxes were built to accommodate the large rental market. Some of the colleges built/announced new hall of residence during the building boom; Guess what, now their are loads and loads of empty property's with "to let" signs everywhere. However the university's have responded to the challenge by making the compulsory for first year halls very uncompetitively priced. http://durham21.co.uk/archive.asp?ID=3317 Ron
  2. http://www.livecharts.co.uk/MarketCharts/futsee.php does that flat line mean its dead now?
  3. Is ftse an acronym of Fault-Tolerant Shuffle-Exchange? Ron
  4. Wheres the best place to get live(ish) market data? I sold my shares a few years ago after I regained my losses. But want the on screen entertainment..... Ron edited for place instead of lace
  5. The councilor comes with his battered old suit And his head all filled with plans Says “It’s not for myself, for the fame or wealth But to help my fellow man.” Fist in the air and the first to stand When the Internationale plays Says “We’ll break down the walls of the old Town Hall And we’ll fight all the lifelong day!” Ten years later where is he now? He’s ditched all the old ideas Milked all the life from the old cash cow Now he’s got a fine career Now he’s got a fine career. chumbawumba
  6. I should have written "the scourge of the new age traveller" in quotes as you did, forgive my lack of acuracy. Im not "expecting the banks to act like a social arm of the government", I tend to think that the government is the social arm of the financiers...... Isnt it likey that with increasing repossesions, people will need to rent private housing from private landlords or the bank? Thats not social responsability, its buisness as usual. Ron edited for quote marks and final sentance. re-edited for some spelling but not all, my speall check is broken.
  7. During the late eighties/early nineties we saw the rise of the scourge of the new age traveler. Although some were dissatisfied itinerants. Many were people who had lost there homes, still had jobs and families and took to living in whatever way they could. Once their buses and truck started parking up mear the daily mail nimby brigade the tabloids/government went after them in a big way. Faced with the same prospect again. Can we see the same thing happening? It seems to me that if people are losing their homes on mass, we have a choice. Force them out of their homes and onto the social housing scheme; whilst their is a lot less social housing available. Which now means more tax payers money lining the pockets of private landlords. Or banks taking the deeds off the defaulters and leasing their own homes back to them. Forcing people taking to the road and being pushed from one site to another is not a socially desirable situation. Ron
  8. "Of course, you are a mental if you ever think the above will happen, so chill out! (you waould have a 1 week lead time at least whilst beofre sheeplerealise what is happening." Maybe we are mental, or maybe as fuel shortages etc affect our daily lives on a more regular ( or even less frequent) basis, why wouldnt you want a fully stocked larder and your own veg patch. Lots of people all over netland keep talking doomsday, but isnt the reality gonna be a bit less dramatic. As prices go up then people are going to waste less and economize. Also as fuel prices and vehical ownership becomes less affordable, then buying in bulk is going to be a economic use of petrol/diesel. The doomsayers, might be right, but I tend to think that the less I have rely on the state/corporations to supply me with essentials, the more secure and productive my life will be. You wont find me queing at the standpipe, nor going cold or hungry. Think about it. My grandad lived out of his allotment! Ron
  9. I have the MSR and the bleach. What use is paper money when TSHT. Id rather have the MSR. And really, whilst I'm personally prepared to chance bleached water ( which to be fair, alkaline water is good for you ) I'd rather the grand kids/babies were drinking filtered water. My advice get an MSR whilst you still can. Cant hurt can it?* *The author is in no way connected with MSR products, he just owns one Ron edited for spelling
  10. I cant make those predictions, However stocking up on emergency food is only sensible. Establishing your own vegetable garden or allotment is also a good plan. Planning with your family and neighbors is also a good strategy. So after a good water filter I would be recommending a good stock of seeds. Their is an oil peak prep site called http://www.transitiontowns.org/ they give advice on how to build consesus in a community. It seems to me that if we dont prepare, as a community now, if and when the SHTF we would be well mobilised so the crook, crims and degenerates dont run the show. Ron
  11. The single most useful tool that evryone should get hold of ( IMO ) is the MSR water filter. Remeber folks, you can go 30days without food (more if you are lardy like me;) , but only 5 without water. MSR Miniworks Product Description The MiniWorks EX is the best-selling filter on the market, delivering long-lasting, fully field-maintainable water filtration. Its durable ceramic element ensures protection, pumps water for years, and can be cleaned repeatedly for full recovery, with no tools required for complete disassembly. The MiniWorks is also lightweight, compact, and, thanks to its innovative AirSpring Accumulator¿, capable of pumping one liter of water per minute Product Description Rid the nasties from your drinking water and enjoy the refreshing taste of purity! Guzzle clean and clear water inthe backcountry! Rely on this high quality MiniWorks Water Filter, selected by the Amphibious Raids and Recon Division of the U.S. Marine Corp. Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use. Lever-action handle keeps a steady flow, fills a quart container in just 90 seconds; Block carbon core improves water taste, eliminates odors and removes many chemicals; Inlet foam prefilter keeps out large debris; Marathon ceramic element exceeds EPA's purifier requirements for bacteria and protozoa removal. Can be cleaned time and time again; Adapter base fits most hydration bags and water bottles. Order ONLINE Today! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Replacement Ceramic Element - word search in our Store for 'MiniWorks Ceramic Element'. MiniWorks Water Filter Ron
  12. Is it only bears that think PO is driving the crash?
  13. I did some looking into energy efficient computers, seems that a couple of board manufacturers have developed systems that use less power when they are not being fully utilized. The link below puts them through their paces. tweaktown Ron
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