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  1. Oh i simply figured Beary was posting a load of utter ******** and calling people racist, therefore clearly needed to be called out as one too :-D
  2. This is helpful as now we clearly know Beary is a racist and can stick this person on the ignore list Because as soon as he/she sees the word "asian" he applies prejudice and jumps to a conclusion that the poster is a racist and cant apply rational thought to what the poster was saying Way to go....
  3. Without meaning to sound like a naysayer, you havent actually done yourself any favours here really. When the LA said you can stay periodic but with 2 months notice you should have just said "OK" as without a new bit of paper stating otherwise the periodic tenancy would by default have had one months notice, so you could have agreed and then just said "we are off. see ya" whenever it suited You havent necessarily made the situation worse but sometimes when the other party says "we will do X" and you know thats not how the law works, its easier to just accept it knowing that you are actually getting what you want they just "think" they won
  4. If your contract ends 31st July, you need give no notice, you can just exit on that date, obviously it's more courteous to let them know but it's up to you. As to making you leave, nope only a judge can do that, if he gives you two months notice that only allows him to start proceedings, again not saying this is a nice path to take
  5. I agree with some of what you have said, I'm pretty sure the entrepreneurs relief door is being shut, or certainly made a lot more difficult They have already replaced the IR35 regime effectively with the dividend and expense changes, the relatively large benefits people used to get are pretty much gone, now the benefit is the higher rate and that's almost it (when balanced against no sick pay, pension etc) The main point for me isn't that contract work is as secure as permanent work, its that permanent work is just as insecure as contract work, its just most people fail to realise that.
  6. You sister had three choices Sign new AST Leave Just stay and go periodic and simply inform the landlord that was what was happening Its perfectly civilized, no pretense needed, you simply don't discuss anything with the agent when coming to the end of the AST, the reason people don't do this is many tenants are beholden to the landlord, people seem to forget.. the tenant is the customer therefore the landlord should be grateful to have a tenant and not the other way around
  7. Sorry, Im not quite understanding what you are asking If you are on an SPT then "what" is it you are saying has to be 6 months?
  8. The bit in the agreement is irrelevant, legally you do not have to move out at the end of your tenancy, you do not have to agree anything with the landlord about SPT and there is feck all they can do about that. Whether they then give you notice is a different question but it's worth being aware of the actual situation which is you WILL by default go onto an SPT with one months notice the minute your tenancy ends
  9. You seem to use the work investment a lot, you either want to do it as you want to live there, in which case the amount it bumps up the value by (or not) is kinda irrelevant or you are buying it as an investment, in which case the question is not a set of true statements. I'm spending a small fortune doing up my house, I have no idea if I'll get the money back if i sell nor do I care, because I'm doing it to make the house how I want to live in it!
  10. Nope and Nope I like the easy questions
  11. I would be very surprised if this is the case, "almost" (a couple of exceptions) everyone i've ever met saw a car as a means of transport, yes some tinkered but with modern cars that doesnt even work well anymore Offer the masses a cheaper mode of transport, particularly when they dont have to do anything other than sit back and watch their iphones and they will be all over it, petrol heads are such a small percentage of car users I woudl imagine (and i could be wrong) their opinion will probably be ignored
  12. If you go away for a month you still live there (defined as it being your primary address), if you move somewhere else its not your primary address hence you don't "live there", also the reason for the second home rate Hopefully that makes sense
  13. Council tax is the responsibility of the people living at the address, if you aren't living there it isn't your problem regardless of the tenancy agreement Additionally if you are paying rent until 23rd April then they shouldn't have other tenants in until this day, if they do you are probably entitled to some of your rent back!
  14. Legal, i presume so as there's nothing to say they have to give you a reference. But i cant believe that the paying customer is the one expected to give a reference! its ridiculous
  15. Totally agree with this, much as many landlords are a right pain in the **** if you have got a decent place and all the leverage PLUS the ability to move out whenever you want with no risk of losing your deposit, I'd say just be happy with that
  16. The first part of this is incorrect (or only partly correct) 24 hour notice is required on the landlord side, however there is no obligation in law for the tenant to allow access, Our old landlord was allowed into our property twice, once to show him some damage that the neighbours had caused and secondly for the check out, that was in 3 1/2 years Therefore feel free to tell them to sod off! Additionally as the contract has been signed by the landlord, simply dont accept any amendments
  17. Well im glad you think so But next time you make up a load of old troll bull, try making the story add up 100k more in 10 years, mortgage was only £300 a month... broke even apart from extension.... suddenly 3/4 million house and boom less than 2 years later its worth a million While im typing this im sure its now worth 2 million...
  18. So you pretty much paid off the first house (must have in order to keep the 90k profit), as you then got a 205k house with a small mortgage (how else is this possible), therefore all this is earned income You then took out a large mortgage as the 205k house broke even but you can apparently pay that off with cash and avoid CGT (no idea how that would work but anyways) But rather than all this being based on earned money (as every one of your posts details) we are all supposed to go "wahoo! he massively overpaid for a house but its brilliant" Im gonna go with "NO!"
  19. According to the above, you broke even on the "sensible" house, therefore all of the funds to pay for the new mega house have been earned So if you had STR or not bought you would be in pretty much the same position surely?
  20. Sounds like a typical scumlord from your other posts, so i'd say report away Bottom line is, he has a legal obligation to fix some things and has failed, you owe him nothing so dump him hopefully right in the sh!t
  21. Don't worry about it, professionally cleaned is a contract term that has already been proved to be non enforceable. Refuse any deductions and I'll be very surprised if the TDS dont agree with you
  22. No it isnt, its spending a quarter of a million pounds Which for whatever it is, its a huge amount of money
  23. I think citizens advice would offer information. I'm not saying it's a nice route but it is a perfectly legal one. Staying wouldn't affect your credit rating at all, basically the judge decides you have to go, you say "yes sir" and you go. But sensibly I'd say you are right to only look to use it to get another month, by the time they file any papers etc you will already be gone Edit to add, definitely pay the rent, although they can't evict you personally you don't want to be the one in the wrong which not paying would be
  24. To be fair, and I, not saying you want to go this route, the landlord can't actually evict you. They have no legal powers to do that. The section 21 just means if you don't go they can't start legal proceedings to get you out. So if you are looking and haven't found anywhere and don't leave then they can't just throw you out. Takes a judge to do that
  25. Do as above, basically it becomes a rolling periodic tenancy by doing nothing, so just don't discuss it. If the landlord issues a section 21 (unlikely) then tell the agent the same day that you will be refusing all access for viewings, which you are fully legally entitled to. Thus guaranteeing them a void. But in reality you will probably find the landlord is quite happy with you as a tenant and is being equally pressured by the agent as they want fees from both sides.
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