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  1. im a savvy investor prices will never fall muhahahaha Im a millionaire now and rent out dozens of properties its so easy. savvy savvy savvy i tell you. prices up 25% in two years cause thats what the express says your bitter as you " missed the boat " muhahahaha i own the boat aswell a few savvy boats too with dumb renters feeding my growing portfolio . Nothing can stop me now im big time. Muhahahahaha Savvy savvy savvy
  2. As if you had not guessed already ,its just a weak attempt at a wind up to fill in the last hours of the weekend. Sorry to disappoint you but im just another bear who now thinks of 25 % percent falls p to t is not a big deal any more. It would be nice to have a few more bulls on HPC as i do miss them. You just know whats coming when they post... its all very predictable but so enjoyable . Cant beat a bit of bull baiting. The tide has finally turned and about time too GREAT!! Just need to hang on to my job now ....
  3. Its actually good news for savvy investors lol I know you all hate that term but i do class myself as a "savvy investor" Im chilled as i know the government wont allow prices to fall. Maybe the odd house but nothing spectacular, and i dont have to sell anyway. Proffessional investors like myself will triumph and the amateurs will just go pop !!! this is where i swoop in and pick up a few bargains !! great.
  4. LOL offer me 30% less and i shall show you the door . People on here forget that why would you sell if you dont have too? My properties are worth in excess of 1 million now and i wont sell for less ! so there lol ! The government wont let prices fall as they just cant let that happen. Its all media spin ,doom and gloom lol, this will all blow over in a few months ,but in the mean time im snapping up a few more properties from forced sellers and they are renting like hot cakes. Me and a few other savvy investors are loving le credit crunch !!! HAPPY DAYS
  5. I agree ! What most here dont get is that you wont get 0% drops if you dont have to sell. The government wont let prices fall, prices will quickly resume a upward trend in a few months i think. Average wage v price is no use anymore as the market has changed. All that will happen is more people like myself will own more properties and first time buyers will just have to rent im afraid. Britain will be a rental society with just a few proffessional landlords. Investing in property was the best thing i ever did do !! First time buyers have missed the boat (boo hoo) tough luck i say ! , they will just have to rent from people like me.
  6. Great news !! Its taken a while but it always was going to , but now at last this crash is gaining momentum. This is the big one , houses prices are on the bungeeeeeeeeee rope, and after refusing cowardly to jump they have been pushed over the edge ! but how low will they go ?? will the rope save them ?? what if the rope is too long ??. People say 20 % some 35 others more 40/50/60 and even 70 % !!!. What will things be like when this crash is over?? what will be the new normal?? Will a new bubble start to inflate or will the scars be too deep that it wont happen again in our lifetime? Interesting times indeed. Great reading your posts MT, and like Dave i also wonder how much time do you actually spend in and talking to these EAs?? Perhaps .... maybe your ....no???? your not are you ?? are you? one of them????? Heard a few comments this week ... 1.(builder) " Its the fkking media fkking it up for all of us,and their allowed to get away with it" Lol i could not be bothered to deabte this with him ,so just fakely glumly agreed and changed the subject. 2.(salesman in our office) " Bragging of how i could not even afford the garage of his 4 bedroom property in swansea west " was in jest mind, but i do really think he believes this!!" Oh boy you dont know whats coming Mr salesman. I cannot beleive the amount of people who have such limited knowledge of the housing market in this current climate. I was one, but thanks to this site i feel greatly informed, however it was my concern that house prices could not keep up their pace that led me to tis site in the beginning. Like MT im hopeful of half price housing in Swansea... although will i buy at half price if there is no work?? ??
  7. Firstly im guilty of reading this site for ages and adding nothing up until now.(Not that anything i do add from now on will be any good ,but hey here i am!!) Id just like to see a few more people in the South Wales area contributing with individual accounts of whats going on. I always log on and find no posts for days on end- interrupted now and again by Masked Tulip or someone. Im sure you all have a lot more to say so as Delia Smith once said " LETS BE AVVIN YOU". And my name EGGCHUB does not mean that i resemble a big fat egg or that i am gravitationally challenged its just a random name plucked i think from the 80% or so of the human brain that we dont use. Anyway i look forward to more "crack" in the south wales area.
  8. Am a newbie to posting on this site, but have been monitoring it for the last 4 months or so. Sold last March (2007) and have been renting since then. Renting in the Swansea area. I think i have been very fortunate to have sold when i did. I decided to step off the housing ladder, and rather than falling down i find myself suspended in mid air whilst watching the ladder fall down. Am hoping to step back on the ladder but i dont think it will be at least another 12 months before i become serious about buying again. With a bit of luck i shall still be suspended in mid air when the ladder is propped up again but will find myself 2-3 rungs higher. My first thoughts are "great bring on the crash" -- however its ok if you have sold and waiting to buy again in a falling market but its not as simple as that---what if i have no job as a result of the crash?? Im a tradesman, and i think my job is pretty secure for a year at least. Others are not so fortunate as everywhere i go plumbers / sparkys / joiners you name it are being laid off in large numbers--- the knock on effect has not yet hit home ,but give it another 2 or 3 months when the jobless figures rise dramatically and there will be widespread panic on a scale not seen for a few decades at least. Anyway --- the couple with a few kids a street near me sold there house as a part ex to a barrats / persimmion or something obviously to get their hands on a new build. The house they sold has been on the market 3 months now and has dropped from 199k to 189k and has had one or two viewers but nothing to come of that yet. Seeing as its owned by one of the big developers it will be interesting to see what tactics they have in trying to shift this house. Am guessing that maybe they will be more realistic in their hopes to sell quickly, but at three months and only a few sniffs its not working. Predicting a drop to 179k shortly For anyone interested in monitoring this , its on with Ashley Jones at 189k (cefn helyg) in sketty area 3 bed semi. Nice area but i think at the moment 160 would be a realistic selling price right now---- down to 140 by january.
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