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  1. I can't help but think they should be thinking of their food exercise balance instead
  2. Most people on here i think have missed that important graph, as well as the entire media.
  3. Given the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL RESEARCH declare this a depression with a scary GDP graph to prove it http://www.niesr.ac.uk/pdf/130110_143350.pdf, why are the media not mentioning it but do mention silly statistics from Halifax and the land registry which wont include data from auctioned or repossession houses because it aint fair cos they aint sold via slimey estate agent?
  4. http://www.newstatesman.com/economy/2010/01/mpc-inflation-recession-cut the NIESR has now labelled the downturn a depression. This depression is worse in output terms, but not in relation to unemployment, than the Great Depression. For its sheer size and global reach, I now label it the Enormous Depression. NISER http://www.niesr.ac.uk/pdf/130110_143350.pdf This is a bigger fall than in any year of the great depression and is Britain’s biggest contraction since 1921. Meanwhile Nationwide/Halifax are saying house prices are going up all the time!
  5. This thread should be titled 'Rats leaving the sinking ship'
  6. Well if OP has a commercially valuable qualification, why moan the financial remuneration is not worth the effort put into it? I have no idea on the 'value' of a masters of music. But a lot of academic qualifications are not commercially valued. A lot of graduates think the world of learning ends on Graduation Day at Uni, when its merely the end of the beginning. By fluent European do you mean all 23 languages of the EU?
  7. There are thousands of people in the UK who have degrees/masters/phd's which are commercially worthless. I wasn't aware of any course prospectus's which promised the successful graduates would be rewarded with buckets of gold and a Paradise island in the Sun?
  8. Obesity as rocketed during this decade of BOOM and so has the number of take aways! obesity crisis: The latest Health Survey for England (HSE) showed primary school leavers had put on 20% more weight in a generation since 1990. http://www.nursingtimes.net/specialist-news/paediatric-news/call-for-weighing-of-pre-school-children-to-tackle-obesity-crisis/5009955.article
  9. Blockbuster - video/DVD rental is obsolete when it can be watched online for free. High Street Travel Agents- an obsolete business model. 80% of the population can book a cheap flight and hotel direct online. the remaining 20% that can't use the net know a friend who can help them. Holiday Hypermarket will go bust. Jessops- the best camera deals exist online, their retail rents will swamp them and they'll be bust. Take Aways- too many of these exist and their numbers will decrease. WHSmith- may need to get rid off a few stores that are not profitable but i think they will survive.
  10. FFS historically 25 year mortgages were only introduced in the 60s, after WW2 10-15 year mortgages were the norm i believe. Mortgage is meant to be a loan to enable you to eventually own something you cannot pay for immediately, not never be able to pay off. Overwise they would be known as a loan for life or debt for life. NuLabour as bred a ridiculous mentality in sheeple to be in debt for life. More debt = more success, if one I/O mortgage is not enough fill your boots with a portfolio of BTL mortgages. Paid for assets are king in every economy of the World. Liabilities are farking liabilities. Who would want to take on a liability for life?
  11. Really don't understand what your figures have got to do with the price of houses. It is set by 1 interest rate which will go up before investors shun are gilts and bonds. 2 how much lenders will lend 3 wages
  12. Great article, will be emailed to everyone i know. However, the issue of tuition fees should be highlighted i think.
  13. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/dec/13/globespan-faces-funding-crunch Oh the plot thickens Halycon owns globespan and owes globespan money?! and a lot of other people too http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/Articles/2009/12/18/32636/globespan-adminstrators-to-investigate-30m-held-by.html
  14. NASDAQ is independent of the UK housing market. i never said it was dependent on it. The Nasdaq BUBBLE is an example of a BUBBLE in an ASSET class. Which is why i used it to show the HPC BUBBLE graph was not fiction but what happens in a BUBBLE economy, like the UK housing market which is in a BUBBLE.
  15. What is the economic model for 'different this time'? I just can't find want economic model you are referring to and also as you are superior to Dr. John-Paul Rodrigue, of Hofstra University please tell me a little more about you and your economic models.
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