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  1. I've been away for awhile looking at pastures new but on my return to fair Swansea I find it awash with titillating gossip. What ever happened to Andy Smith who used to post here?
  2. This is a copy of a letter I sent to the area manager: I have dined on a number of occasions at the Grape & Olive and been asked if I have any comments to make online. I never had as I found the food and service good. My experience of last Wednesday afternoon has I’m afraid totally changed that. I was verbally abused, embarrassed and my wife was moved to tears by the attitude of one of your contract managers. Arriving at 2pm I spoke to friends who told me they were experiencing a delay on their food service. I decided to wait until the lunchtime rush was over and ordered a coffee and
  3. Like your new site, much better than the old one. I always thought you were in the Marina. Lots of luck.
  4. No I'm not pulling your leg! Housing Association have taken 6 floors. And there certainly was a dump in a lift. REgards Marty
  5. As instructed I have refered to the said no 97 can't quite get the correlation! Enlighten me!
  6. The housing association have taken 6 floors of the tower. One of the lifts this morning had been dumped in overnight. Lovely!!!
  7. I have to say you right Nice. I keep popping in to have a look and find it totally boring. We need some real gossip or drama, skullduggery will do.
  8. Everything we have been saying on this forum re the housing market will now come to be. Maybe it's a good thing, teach us not to vote for people like the orange Hain. Lets be fair anyone who voted for that tangerine refugee from Swaziland deserves a housing crash.
  9. I’m not to sure if any of you posters are builders or have connections with the building trade but let me give you a bit of info. The Penthouse as we know is now empty and subject to all the problems that an empty building on the 28th floor opposite the sea will get. Sand, rain, fog etc. It does not take long for a building to become a mess. Remember the Osbourne Hotel before they pulled it down. It went from a half decent Hotel to wreck in a matter of months. Can you imagine living on the 25th or 26th floor? It will become a nightmare.
  10. THat is probably the viewpoint of 99.9% of posters here!
  11. Well our Peter is a one!! I know it's not really funny for those who have suffered but it's given us here on this forum something to focus on. London cleaning company down the pan: staff doesn’t get paid and creditors coming at him from all sides. Manages however to get a directors loan for close on £900K Buys secondary company from the administrator of the first company Arrives with a flourish in home town of Swansea Tells everyone of his big plans Takes over Darcy’s which was a dead dog when it was 698 anyway Darcy’s closed: staff does not get paid. He says because manageress ran a
  12. A really strange thing!! Last time I was in the Penthouse for a spot of lunch I had to sit on one of those strange black plastic chairs that I thought our Peter must have bought from Ikea for about £4.95 apiece. In London over the weekend and as I was strolling down Portabella Road I noticed the self same chairs in a very high end Swedish designer furniture shop. Went in and had a look, they certainly looked the same from memory. Hermann Muller, I know I’ve never heard of him either but those chairs are at £2,345 each. Can they really be the same?
  13. To be fair that 360% view makes the Penthouse look better than it really is.
  14. Now that really is an urban myth!! Do you really think that if a professional businessman like our Peter can't make it pay a complete amateur like Jamie Oliver would have a go. Olivers Italian's work on the principle of "walk in from a high street" in and out, as many covers as possible per hour. The Penthouse is a destination project.
  15. Steve, A bit behind the times I think. The days of using code written in Pakistan are over. To many problems. A bit like all the call centres relocating back here from India, Pakistan etc. Keep up. Who could survive in London on £20-£30K? You would have to live off Brick Lane in a squat!! Certainly would not be buying houses.
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