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  1. But they're clearly not the same price, relative to earnings, as they were, say, 40 years ago when a single 3x salary mortgage could buy you a perfectly nice family home (we called them homes or houses back then rather than 'properties') in large swathes of the country. So how does this hypothesis have any merit?
  2. And if you were as you say literally glued to the sofa I suggest you stop doing that, too - ruins your trousers. And the sofa.
  3. Given the employment of people to chase this would produce a very quick ROI, I've wondered why HMRC hasn't massively ramped up to pick this obvious 'low hanging fruit' (listen to me - I should work for McKinsey!) ...but then I remember how much of our economy is now utterly dependent on rentier/speculator activity and of course the answer is clear. Truth is IMO - they just don't want to for fear of triggering a mass exit by BTLers and the consequent politically inexpedient knock-on effects to the economy. I expect senior HMRC officials have had a a 'quiet chat' with mandarins to tell them to 'go easy on it, old boy'.
  4. No with 800 people dying per day, I would posit that no-one of any intelligence will be "wondering what all the fuss was about"...
  5. Class I low-risk medical devices you can self certify. Class IIa or above required Notified Body approval. Ventilators are Class IIb. However for new manufacturers like Dyson the requirement has been waived (for use in the current crisis only) and the device only has to show conformance to spec RMVS001 for a Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator System, which anyone can view on the MHRA website if interested.
  6. The Smiths Pneupac ventilator and Penlon anaesthesia workstations are both CE marked (approved devices), the latter using an additional ventilator module in this application. So your suggestion that 'only 3 is credible' is simply incorrect. Also they are British manufactured which is probably the reason the Draeger hasn't been selected.
  7. Component production has been outsourced to engineering companies such as Renishaw and Babcock to increase production of existing devices from Smiths Pneupac and Penlon.
  8. Interesting that you overuse the term 'chinese flu' as if you're trying to bang home a message through repetition. Particularly in light of the fact that you clearly aren't a fan of the democrats... Is that you, Donald?
  9. You see Locke that really, really ISN'T the sole purpose of government - that's just the fundamentalist position you've been brainwashed into taking. And because you accept false premises such as the one above as absolute truths - truths you get very, very angry about if challenged upon (a common trait amongst all religious fundamentalists) - every argument you make based upon these false premises is basically a bunch of nonsense I'm afraid. After all - if you want to live in a society where there's little to no governance, no welfare, easy tax evasion etc. you can do it in an instant - there are stacks of them to choose from all over the globe. Go and give it a try!
  10. ...and yet strangely the narrator says he hopes to be a landlord himself one day. So he's obviously not averse to money for 'doing nothing' as he puts it - as long as he's getting said money. And his tone betrays the fact that he's plainly jealous of those who do have investment property. I wonder when it comes to the acid test, and one of his future tenants falls on hard times, whether he will put into practice what he preaches. Sadly, we shall never know.
  11. Really? Wow. Bummer for me as a medical device quality assurance and regulatory affairs consultant LOL! I'd not been informed it's soon to be a free-for-all. Best get me coat.
  12. Nope you can't do that. No QMS standard applied = no valid CE mark = USAGE ILLEGAL (same true after Brexit BTW before moaning about EU red tape starts...). As I say, the real world different to yours I'm afraid. And all the things you say you can do...you can't.
  13. All sounds jolly easy in your world but in reality the it's very, very different manufacturing Class IIb (high risk) medical devices to meet the requirements of ISO13485. All manufacturing processes, all manufacturing hardware and process software has to be validated to the requirements of the standard for a start so your idea of just chucking it to any old engineering company - or anyone with a 3D printer in their bedroom - is a total non-starter. Honestly the fact you think it's all pretty straightforward ("just get the army in, innit!") and can be done quite quickly kind of says to me you've never worked in the field of medical device manufacture!
  14. They could indeed be 'weak'...or they could be smart, like the early sellers of tulip bulbs or lumps of coral after those manias peaked. Time will tell. Personally I'm yet to see a single practical everyday use for cryptos or indeed blockchain technology, outside of the world of people trading those cryptos between each other, and establishing companies to facilitate that, which makes me think it may be all a load of old ba11s, only of interest or utility to speculators. As with the aforementioned manias - great for those who got in and out early, not so great for those later to the party - 'weak', or 'strong' (like you, apparently).
  15. I have a spread betting account and there is the chance at the moment to short the heck out of everything. However, it only takes a few words from a central bankmeister or politician to swing the market wildly in the other direction and little guys like us lose their shirt in a matter of minutes... As for going long - who knows how and when this will end? Pumping money in may suit the speculators well and temporarily fix stock prices, but it doesn't fix supply chains...
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