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  1. Patsy or not He'll be happy his name is in the spotlight So someone remembers who he is when he writes his next book This is show biz
  2. Surely no one believes that muppet is in control Brown is running everything now
  3. Not sure about that I think it's a written resolution To prevent himself coming back Well it is for me Because I'm off too.
  4. Some interesting ideas being floated here: http://www2.saxobank.com/en/about-us/press...&NewsID=133
  5. Well I agree with you ParticleMan I think there must be alot of question marks about Eastern European countries that have pegged their currencies to the Euro too.
  6. You needn't worry about "catching" the bottom of the market. When the market "bottoms" it will slap you in the face like a wet fish. Houses will be on the market for months..be reduced in price and they still won't sell...and evevtually be flogged at auction for a sum you never thought possible. It will stay like that for a long time till sheeple believe that prices will never go up again and property is for living in not for speculating. That's the time to buy.
  7. de facto monetary union... and we get to keep the pound mmmmm.......interesting
  8. I don't think they've rumbled anything...he's just not useful to them anymore.
  9. They were the ones that recommended this shower of shite in the first place.
  10. That already happened..didn't it? I think it was Stargate the first series They crawl in your ear during the night..eat the cerebral cortex and replace it with Lizard thought control software Yeah then they exit using the same method...and return to their planet....and control everything from there.
  11. Interesting that you blame the unrealistic expectations of sellers...I thought it was the unavailability of mortgages and the unwillingness of buyers to enter the market that was depressing sales That's worrying for anyone hoping to sell because when the reality of the situation does finally sink in and the squeeze on their finances becomes unbearable and they have to sell..prices are going to collapse.
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