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  1. Why no ONC, HNC BTEC on the poll, or are these mickey mouse ? I'm an aircraft fitter (engines/airframe) but don't have anything over an ONC. I was too cool to go into further education as a youth, but I now really regret it as I'm pushing thirty and am under qualified for jobs I'm sure I could do. On the tech attitude of the vote I find most people I have contact with at work who are (mostly) technicians/engineers are very internet aware and would research/buy online rather shop themselves. I think this is prevelent amongst most tech/science fields. Which would give a site like this and a
  2. Mr tickle this is joyous news indeed, after spending the afternoon in a grotty A and E after dropping a heavy table on my foot with 30 primary school children watching I was disheartened. however the malicious side of me drew a sad happiness from the thought of all the lunatics who have looked down on me and gloated over the previous last years for not 'getting on the ladder' having the smug smiles washed from their faces. just how the children must have felt after a year of being taught by me...
  3. no doubt somebody will think im really harsh for saying that (but if tou've lived there you'll know its true) so im off catch you later
  4. please dont scare me im going to be working in a school in hartlepool in september im considering body armour...street wardens my a*se what a waste of time; employing a bunch of losers/stroke impressionable jack assess who'll soon allow themselves to become embroiled in that whole lunatic environment. Some people like not working and living like that...i am not right wing (honest) but i went to school with some clever (well could write) lads who chose not to work and decided they were going to **** around doing drugs ringing cars etc, some are a) dead in home house c) god knows. it is a sh
  5. you're right! right im definately off to asda for chicken dippers and scratch cards...only joking its rocket and the times since i moved down south see ya
  6. yeah you're right they are lunatics but they're lunatics im used to... boro, boro, boro... long live the PRT right in true teeside fashion im off to THE ASDA Why do people in teeside say THE asda
  7. i guess so my money grabbing brother bought a street dump in thornaby, shoved a new kitchen in,laminate floor, magnolia paint blah blah and made about 35k by selling to some hapless lunatic who thought they were buying terrace in some sort of earthy up and coming area, in reality its a complete whole with prostitutes adorning every street corner and drug dealers acting lke a psuedo mafia. so yes i am torn between thinking the likes of my bruv are heartless and then thinking if you're that stupid to pay that amount of money for a terrace in thornaby bad luck. if everybody stopped buying this
  8. im sorry to hear that the slow down is affecting you, i hope eveything works out ok. This is my dilemma, i want prices to drop, but that my means it will have an affect on the friends and family my husband and I (Tys) are returning to be near. It just seems sad that this stiution had to occur, im sure with hindsiwght most people would have preferred prices to rise at a normal rate. There isn't loads of jobs and cash swirling around this area of the country, so those lucky ones who have made some money, have ended up with kids living with them or mewing to give their kids a deposit. I jus
  9. Are they struggling to sell new houses in that area? I am in lincolnshire but am looking to buy in this area, (from billingham and returning). I have a new job starting in september and am desperately trying to resist the urge to buy yet.
  10. Interested observer I have also been watching the prices in teeside, (currently in lincolnshire and moving home) prices are definately dropping. Some eas have contacted me recently telling me of houses which have dropped by 10, 15, 20 grand. My mum and dad have also viewed a property on my behalf this evening which has dropped by 60K. They will drop,there is a limted amount of cash and jobs oop north, eventually the amount of people willing and able to take on high mortgages will dwindle.
  11. Property Guru, your argument adds up fine if you can afford the property, intrest rates remain favourable and you don't have to move/sell for ten or fifteen years as the market fluctuates, however this isn't always the case people are made redundant, have kids, divorce, change jobs, relocate etc.... this would mean they had to sell straight away, you can't always hold on to the property long enough to guarantee an increase in value. Unless your especially lucky or a genius ?
  12. Housing market may be steadying LONDON (Reuters) - House prices in England and Wales have fallen at their slowest pace in six months, research company Hometrack says, adding to mounting evidence that the housing market may be stabilising. Hometrack on Monday said it was confident that house prices will start rising over the next few months, and raised its 2005 forecast of house price inflation to 3.0 percent from unchanged. The research firm said its measure of average house prices, based on agreed sales reported by estate agents, fell 0.1 percent in March, leaving prices 0.71 percent lower
  13. I thought somebody mentioned on a previous thread that 655 of this new business was MEW. If so why haven't they mentioned it? I cant be ar*ed to sen another complaint
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