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  1. Electricity network is not up to widespread use of electric cars yet, however I'm sure it could be given time. There is absolutely no way electricity from renewables can provide the amount of energy needed to power the recharging of thousands of cars. The increase in power required after rushhour would make the eastenders demand surge look tiny. The only renewable source capable of supplying a significant amount of energy reliably and when required is hydropower, Norway, Scotland and Wales could be ok but the rest of us in England would need something else. Nuclear power can provide huge amou
  2. ollie

    Fiddlin Rates

    If we had an economy based on something with a steady value rather than confidence, and the BOE couldn't fiddle inflation would we be in trouble? Why did we sell off gold in the first place, was it purely for short term gain? It seems bubbles form when the good times are prolonged by fiddling, causing a bigger crash. Could someone please explain to a newbie why the BOE is such a good plan?
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