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  1. Brown will time this for just after the election. Tories get in and the housing market will crash due to: Unavailability of credit Increased taxes to pay off Brown's debt mountain. Unemployment rising to 3.5 mill You have to admit the man can't run a successful economy but he can engineer one hell of a disaster for his succesors.
  2. Brown is going to sell off the Nuclear division that enriches Uranium. He's telling Iran that they can't enrich uranium and then selling our enrichment division to the highest bidder. He's a complete moron.
  3. I'm getting p133 off with these ZaNuLabour rapid rebuttal unit idiots over every blog I go on. You can spot them a mile off. Its all Toffs and Boy George crap. They have been told to swamp the blogs and try to lessen the effects of the swing away from labour. Why don't they look at Crewe and why they lost it. They spent their time calling the Tory a Toff an educated man who had invited homeless people into his own home. But the Labour candidate had a unique selling point , she as pushed by Labour was the Unemployed single mother of 5 and daughter of Glynis Dunwoody. Why did labour think that this was the strategy to use? Because they believed everyone shared their small minded prejudice. They lost and should have learned that some people can see further than the end of their nose.
  4. I thought it was a well structured speech and the plans for cutting out swaths of bureaucracy can only be to the good. The only danger in this truth strategy is it rests on the sheeple seeing that we have to go through this pain to get back to a stable situation but I don't hold out much hope. Labour will tell them we are going to spend more money and the sheeple will fall for it again. I can see a hung parliament. If this is the case I just hope labour get back in as the largest party but no majority. Then they can reap what they have sown. A great steaming pile of ****
  5. Remember the old trade union reps song that tells you everything you need to know about socialists Sung to the RED flag The working class can kiss my ass I've got the foremans job at last. Only Blair has a property portfolio
  6. 456 not at all happy, never seen and tending to throw a lot of green slime around. Never seen except for a sort of lobster claw banging against the sides of its glass container. Mood mostly reliant on the Spooks series style of music. Its not Peter Mandy Mandelson in there is it? He has every other job as well.
  7. Might one of the reasons for the rise in Stirling be that outside investors can see that it is a strong bet that the Conservative will be in power within a year and they are committed to bringing down the deficit?
  8. This a chance for the electorate to get Parliament by the Bo110cks and force them to put the question back to the people in charge. If it happens that way no party will be able to ignore the electorate and make the same mistake again Apathy will just get you what you are arguing against another selfserving Parliament.
  9. For me the issue is this Parliament is a rotten Parliament it is destroying the little respect their is by the day. All of the MP's need to renew their mandate before they can even start to get people to have any faith in our electoral system. MP's who have done nothing wrong have nothing to hide and will be re-elected those that have should face their electorate and take their punishment. Another year of the status quo will cause even more damage to this country we need change and we need it now. We need to show Parliament who is the boss.
  10. I've signed http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/template/v-1.0...article=2435564
  11. Robinsons point about the leader of the Brown commitee looking into expenses was the leader of the Labour rebels that blocked change last year just proves that Brown is trying to kick it into the long grass again. He just does not get anything
  12. Skinner was just alowed to spew bial without asking a question. Martin is crap
  13. Business Process Reengineering is the methodology. In other words change your business to use it as it comes out of the box or it will cost you a fortune.
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