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  1. Very well said and thanks for saying what I was thinking Sometimes I am ashamed to have joined these boards
  2. As advertised in Southampton Echo today Job search Estate Agents - Shirley Road, Experience not essential Southampton Salary: £ Estate Agents Shirley Road. Experience not essential. Please send your CV to Cubitt & West Head Office, 8 Market Place Faversham Kent ME13 7AG I guess its all over then.............back to work lads!
  3. Sorry I should have said I already have ISA's I was told by the Halifax that the FCFS guarantee is 35k and if the account is in a married couple joint names then the 35k becomes 70k........is that not correct? Who owns ING direct and is that in any trouble? Northern Rock as its owned by country? Thanks
  4. Hi I hope this is a simple question I am spreading my savings around as the present financial situation worries me to have all my eggs in one basket. I have about 50k to put somewhere. I want a simple savings account with instant withdrawal if needed and not tied up for any period of time. I am happy with an internet account and I don't want any ISA's. My main question is most of my savings is in the Halifax and I don't want to move this 50k to another Halifax company for obvious reasons. Any suggestions? I was thinking Nationwide as they don't seem to have as many problems as the banks have, am I correct? Thanks for any help Regards PD
  5. This is interesting as its in the same road as a wreck of a house that sold in auction for 90k two weeks ago. Its in the middle of a council estate which is not too bad for vandalism but does have a reputation. In fact I bought my first house not 100 yards from there 35 years ago for 5k. These houses have been up for sale in early 2007 for close to 150k. In my opinion there must be something wrong with this house to be so cheap, I would think 115k should be closer to the mark.
  6. This morning I passed the estate agents which is in our local village. The manager was out on the pavement watering the hanging baskets, I asked if business was quiet and he replied "very quiet indeed, in fact I am considering pruning the bushes as well" An hour or so later he was actually pruning the two 'ball' shaped privet bushes in tubs which stands either side of the door As a rough guide here in west Hampshire a three bedroomed two hundred year old cottage went on the market four months ago @ 320k it changed to £315k two months ago and has now fell again to just under 300k. Flats are falling in price as well, a one bedroomed retirement flat was around 100k a year ago and I have seen one for 65k. The average is around 75k. In the village I lived in up until a year ago (15 miles away) the estate agents is a family run business and their prices have always been on the high side compared to national chains of estate agents. They always demanded top dollar for property and somehow got it. Their website has now become littered with 'reduced price' and 'must sell offers invited' I lived there for 25 years and have never seen that before. The plus side to this is its getting closer to me putting in a few cheeky bids and seeing how it goes..................but not just yet methinks
  7. I didn't suggest we were special and I fully realise we were lucky to be born when we were. I am proud because I took the opportunity that my parents and grandparents fought so hard to give me. I too had a 'free education' and worked hard to get where I did. I retired at 52 with a good pension and now live my life how I want to. Were it not for them I would probably still be working in a factory or lorry driving but I am not. I worked hard while others around me took the easy way out and 'dropped out' thats why I am proud to be a boomer, I took advantage of what was on offer because of the previous generations and I thank them for the oppotunity that I grabbed with both hands.
  8. I am a boomer and damn proud of it if thats possible. Born late 40s and first bought in 1970 finally sold out in 2007 to do what I want to do from now on. Just one thing I will say though in answer to one point, houses were not 'cheap' in 1970 they were bloody expensive and meant I had to do 72 hours a week to pay the morgage
  9. Thanks for the help, much appreciated
  10. Hi Is there a see latest posts button on these forums? I mean on the individual threads not as a forum wide thing Thanks
  11. I sold in September because I was fed up with home ownership and to be honest to create a better future for my family. I did my homework and managed to locate a secured for life tenancy if I wanted it. I took the chance and signed up for it without selling my house first. The house sold within two months at top price and I am now living in a very quiet village and loving life again. I knew nothing of a credit crunch, Northern Rock was just something on the news and any thoughts of 'getting out' did not exist, just my own views and wants is what guided me. I bought the house in November 73 and always knew what I would eventually do, yes my house was a damn good home for thirty five years and had some good times in there but it would never be with me for ever and I knew that. I used my home as my pension and here I am today very happy and content having used my home wisely. At the end of the day it was just luck and I can't take any credit for 'knowing the market' because I didn't. I sold to a very nice couple who paid cash with no mortgage needed. Do I feel guilty? No I do not feel guilty, they are happy as they bought the house to live in forever. I am not responsible for the credit crunch and I am not responsible for house prices coming down. Just for the record I am not in anyway posh just a normal run of the mill family man who is coming up to retirement age in a couple of years after spending most of my life as a lorry driver. If anyone is thinking why isn't he going to leave the house to his kids? They have their own lives and they both told us to enjoy what we have done and to enjoy life, in fact they are going to do the same as me in another 35 years Guilty? No chance.
  12. Its been on for a week and he has had 3 viewings, plus one second viewing but no offers yet
  13. I would like to say I saw it coming but to be honest it was pure luck.
  14. Hi First time poster but been reading the forum/website for a long time ie lurker First a little history, last June I decided to get out of property owning and sold my house for just over £250k in September. The property next door to my old house which is three bedroomed while mine was two has been put on the market for offers over £225k. This effectively gives a drop of over 25k in a year not taking into consideration the number of bedrooms. I had a look at the estate agents window and every property he has in there has a price of 'offers over' Now for my question.................If a property is listed at 'offers over' a certain price and it sells at 10% over that price can the estate agent say that prices have gone up by 10%? Is this a way that estate agents are falsifying the market figures? I have been looking around and there are a lot of estate agents doing this in my area (Southampton) My brother is selling his property and the EA has said its worth 200k but has insisted its listed at offers over 170k as to put it on the market at 200k would mean he gets no viewers. Any views on this? Thanks for any replies K
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