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  1. I lived near Sheffield in the 80's and saw the devastation wrought upon the local economy by the Conservatives at the time. Destruction of heavy industry such as mining and steel and associated manufacturing. Sheffield steel used to be amongst the best in the world, associated with top quality produce such as cutlery, knives, alloys etc which were exported around the world. All mostly gone now, replaced with nothing other than public sector jobs, estate agents (at least before 2007) and low paid retail positions. What exactly are areas like this supposed to do to replace all the jobs that
  2. I'm glad to see that there are still some savvy people on here like Non frog and Scepticus who still add something sensible to the debate, unlike most of the right wing nut jobs that seem to frequent this forum these days. The fact is that the national debt was relatively stable and affordable at around 30-40% of GDP until 2008, when it increased exponentially as a result of the government having to bail out the banks as a result of their blatent fraud (as outlined by non frog above) in order to prevent a run on the banks, meltdown in the CDS market / insurance companies, a total freeze in
  3. Its really not so hard to understand - people want good public services in areas such as education and health and don't want to be abandoned and left destitute if they are made redundant through no fault of their own. At the same time they don't want to be told by government what to think and controlled by a police state.
  4. +1 - Superb post; expressed exactly mine and many others feelings about the Tories. Sorry folks, but unless you are a member of the elite 5% of the population, a vote for the Tories is like turkeys voting for Christmas.All this 'Big society' drivel is just more of the same 'care in the community', charity pick up the role of the state, on your own mate, I'm all right jack nonsense that Tories have always spouted.
  5. Not at all. Some of us remember it well, especially those outside the the south east. We remember the decimation of whole industries and communities, the use of draconian ancient laws to suppress the people, the wrecking of manufacturing...the poverty, the run down schools, the poor health service, tax cuts for the richest, widespread depression, suicide...I could go on. It takes a long time for a country to reflect an era. If you want to know why parts of Britain are broken now, I think a lot of what went off in that period can provide the answers.
  6. Oh dear, looks like everyone who thought cameron was going to hammer brown must be crying into their tea as he is proved to be the feather weight, punch and judy faced, chinless wonder of a politician he really is. Clegg best performer tonight by far - wish he stood a chance of winning.
  7. I work in IT in the public sector for a local Authority and can see things from both points of view. I think that there is relatively little difference in terms of capability between people in the Public sector and those in the private. However, many of the problems in the public sector stem from two areas IMO; mainly managers and the Unions. One of the major problems that the unions cause is insisting on removing incentives for staff to perform well. There is a kind of 'reverse Darwinism' where it is seen as wrong to discriminate against those who have no skills or who don't pull their we
  8. The BBC program someone was referring to was called If... The Generations Fall Out http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/if/3489560.stm Good programme and well worth a watch if you haven't seen it and can track it down on t'internet
  9. What a sad and bigoted reply from the usual HPC right wing nut jobs. Line them up against a wall and shoot them for not voting the way you want them to - are you sure you're not a member of the National Socialist's Lauraprat? There was absolutely nothing wrong with the post - it made some good points. Not everyone can put their life on hold until /if prices come down. A 10% deposit is a reasonable figure, especially for young first time buyers, given the cost of living, student loans etc. This has been the rule of thum for lenders for a long time and I see no reason why it should suddenly be
  10. Why has no-one mentioned ZZG113? Surely a star HPC-er. I remember Evil Sam and BBB. My god, have I been on this forum THAT long!!!
  11. Cameron and Osbourne have no credibility on this issue. Not only is their Party bankrolled by the people who caused this mess in the first place, but the Tories were the ones who started the deregulation of the city in the 80's with the so called 'big bang' Does anyone think that the Conservatives would have done anything different to Labour? I don't remember hearing anyone from the Conservative front bench criticising reckless lending practices before this blew up. Not only that, but Cameron refuses to criticise the bankers who created this mess. I'm adfraid the only person with any credi
  12. I don't know if anyone else is noticing, but I'm beginning to notice a big change in sentiment at the moment, which is reflected in the views of ordinary people I talk to. I recently bought a new kitchen and while I was in the kitchen shop, I overheard a kitchen fitter saying that he had recently secured a job replacing some of the kitchens in a landlord's buy to let portfolio as "he's putting most of his portfolio on the market as he thinks prices are going to crash this year" Then, the guy who came to mitre the worktops for my kitchen started waxing lyrical about the price falls and said th
  13. I know that I may be laughed at here, but I think Nottingham offers a pretty good package. Do not confuse all of Nottinghamshire with the City of Nottingham, which covers a very small part of nottingham and has high crime because of the high concentration of poor areas in a small area. Areas like Rushcliffe (14th on best places to live) offer a good combination of amenities, including lots of bars and restaurants and good shops. It also has trent bridge, some great country parks, a thriving nightlife and best of all houses are comparitively cheap. You can still pick up nice houses for under £2
  14. The thing is, as it stands, he may be right. Up until now there has been no bust and there are no guarantees that the bust will ever materialise. You can only say he is wrong if it happens
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