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  1. That's the thing you see, you pay thousands of pounds in tax to provide free health care for others and then they ask you to pay for your own
  2. Why heat them? most people that will go shopping in the winter will be wearing a coat anyway
  3. Hi, i have been looking at some private ads on gumtree. I was wondering if there was anything to an unscruplious tenant from advertising a flat to rent and then taking a deposit off an unsuspecting new tenant before making off with it. Would it be safer to go through an agent?
  4. You have a point, why should i pay for something which i have not been involved in while an STR goes sailing off into the sunset with the profits?
  5. COD5 is mad by different people who made COD4 and COD6, different game, with a similar name for some reason
  6. You would hope that, but in reality it will only be people who work that hardly ever use the services that will have to pay, there will be an exception for everyone else.
  7. The very thought of people believing that they are supposed to offer stupid money for houses just because some ******ing jumped up retarded chav estate agent ******* has made them believe that it's the done thing fills me with anger.
  8. Agreed, this kind of shite is endemic in all organisations where i have worked. The amount of money wasted on stuff like this will be obscene.
  9. I was told by a letting agent not to touch a flat in this block under any circumstances. He listed build quality, factoring issues as well as the standard of resident
  10. In your sock? Down your pants?
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