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  1. i wish i could push really hard and get 100k savings
  2. yeah, lots are rubbing their hands, but its rarely the city rich boys who suffer (how much bonuses stashed away) its the cleaners, admin, support staff who got fired at Lehman brothers, or the guys i had to lay off today because our workload has dropped and we lost another developer client. i have no sympathy with the city boys or fund managers who made redundant but there are a hell of a lot who are going to suffer harder... whilst some gloat about 'making a killing' on the housing market, or smugly proclaiming that they predicted this, and saying "I sold my house and will buy again 100k less". we're all in this and fortunately some of us didnt get carried away with the housing market etc, but some had to, and they will suffer most personally i'm predicting 35% off peak august 07 prices (for london). a smaller drop outside south-east. but i'm only a newbie!
  3. my parents have been suggested to 'downsize' and not by me or brother or sister! their 'friend' suggested it, as they are reaching 70. what this means i dont know, but he assumed they were 'getting on' 70? my Dad's response,"i didnt be careful to save, buy a nice house, be careful with money, only to move back to the house similar to one I couldnt wait to get out of, and 70 is nothing' ! fair comment!
  4. have to agree with the reaper; as an architect i have lost 3 client contacts who have been made redundant. two sites frozen and only above ground building works to be completed. one site has sold off 40 flats to Housing Association. the scheme already had 40% affordable so now will have 77% affordable. fancy buy to let on what could become a great affordable and buy-to-let, unlet estate? (who you rent privately for 550 a month when the neighbours are paying 245 a month????) so if you dont think thinks are going to get much worse, think again.!
  5. have a look. this was on at 599k for 38 weeks. had a viewing. needed work. they spent 10k on new carpet and cheap B&Q kitchen (for as house worth 500k at least?) and put the price up to 699k nuts nutss!!!!
  6. oh yes, more borrowing! he's like a buy-to-letter, remortgaging the jewels and maxing out. who underwrites his debt... us? and does he get repossessed????
  7. just heard "breaking news" that they are allowing themselves to borrow more against the GDP to 40%. i am slightly confused, but does this mean that even the Government is over-stretching itself and is about to go bankrupt???? partially a result of the massive drop in stamp duty received... (p.s. am newish to this so forgive my naievity)
  8. i rented my old flat out as shacked up with the Mrs, and upon renewal i retained rent level to retain existing tenants. the agent suggested a 5% rise but i didnt want the risk of seeking a new tenant, and one lost week rent (around £200) is worth saving the hassle! my Mrs's old place had its rent upped by the agent without telling us until he'd let it. he managed to get us another 10%. other stuff in Borough SE1 has shifted upwards a little but only on tip-top walk in 'trendy' flats. anything tatty or dated isnt letting - apparently according 2 my 2 agent mates in borough high st and kalmars on bermondsey st
  9. i was talking of kennington; the houses in bermondsey mentioned are not bermondsey high st, and in very fringe areas. kennington trounces that part of town easily. you are right on walworth though. my point was why pay 599k for bermondsey area you mentioned when you could get further north west/? personal choice i guess
  10. telegraph hill is the best place in new cross gate and close to the station, and sainsbury's; and 6 minutes by train to london bridge. still have a flat facing the park on erlanger road but shacked up with my better half in kennington but new cross is great, as long as close to the station, and if can afford it try for victorian conversion in telegraph hill and avoid the new 80's and 90's flats north of new cross road although these are good value at around 150-160k for one bed! brockley too is gorgeous, and i'm a fan of this part of london, although it lacks the east dulwich 'chintz' ie deli, coffee shop etc, but do you really want over-priced olives and chocco-mocco-lattes?? lol
  11. new price sold info; brook drive, Kennington Road end (normally achieve 5% extra than elephant end if not more) 3 bed ground floor flat, on at 465, reduced to 439, desperate to sell and accepted offer of 412.5. sold through KFH similar flat 5 doors down sold in 2006 June for 320k. daniel cobb selling upper floor 2 bed for 450k
  12. clearly you dont know families, and those with class! Cleaver, West squares are the prime houses in prime streets. yes the main roads have bigger grander houses but if every time the front door opens you have to worry about the dogs or kids running under a bus. at least in Cleaver Square you look onto Boule being played! better than watching the scruffs heading past!!!!
  13. 599k for Bermondsey? you can get similar for 625 or 615 same 3 storey georgian in Kennington/walworth or kennington/kennington park. prob better bet than bermondsey, unless its Bermondsey street?
  14. Solihull prices falling, and surrounding areas suffering; eg Acocks Green, halfway Brum and Solihull - nice 2 bed victorian now reduced from 143 to 135 (not much) but been on for 4 months. agent hinted would accept 125. round the corner offered similar reduced from 149 to 125. one next door ssold for 130k. bigger Solihull stuff; nice 4 bed detached reduced from 459 to 425, one similar sold for 420k. one in bad condition that first time sold since 1956 went for 350k Grandborough Drive, once the best Bryant development in Solihull has two houses on at 600k; been for sale for 2 years, one being empty and looking rather sad and older than its 20 years... Bryants by the way were bought by Taylor Woodrow, who then acquired Wimpey. their product dipped each time, until no product left to sell????
  15. solihull b91 area; central solihull; prices for houses in b91 around 420-450 2 years ago now selling for 350 for refurb and 385 for walk in condition. they are selling, as the area always has shifted well, even in bad times, and the sheer volume of 4 bed detached house that pre-dominate the b91 area means that theres always a ceiling to prices, and always a bottom price. once they drop then itss a sign then the areas that feed this area from people moving up, are also in trouble. when this area showss drops of 10-15% then you know its real!!!! there iss also a property on manor road wass on for 595k, already too high even in the heady heights of the boom peak, but now with house few doorss down reduced to 495, and a new one round the corner on seven star for 419k, it really is looking stupid! there is also a 70's bryant built monster house needing wsork for 499k. this is cheap!!!!!
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