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  1. http://portal.vebra.com/home/other/vebrade...9&source=12 around 500k the price it was up for in 2003/4
  2. I would go for the full structural as well as a solid inspection yourself. If necessary have separate electical, pipe, foundation and roof, asbestos surveys done by a reputable firm (probably only needed for larger/more expensive proprty). At the very least you will have peace of mind, you should get your money back on a full structural survey as the cost of any faults can be deducted from your offer. Ask the surveyer if they indemnify you against errors in the survey. Good Luck and buyer beware.
  3. Sorry to hear you are facing redundancy. I have been through this several times in the last decade, IT. What I can tell you is that every time I was let go, two startups that ran out of cash and a large corporation that went through a restructuring process, I have found a better paying, higher level and more satisfying job within a few months. The time off in between was much appreciated by my family, I managed to spend three complete summer holidays with the family, priceless. Negotiate for the best possible package, leave on good terms, take a short break and begin to look for new opportunities. Stay positive, enjoy the time with your family, catch up with old friends. You will be amazed at how you look back at the current period in a few years time and wonder why you were ever so concerned. Good Luck.
  4. As somone who is looking to sell and buy I am happy to accept a lower price (2003 to 2005 level) as long as I can trade up at the same ratio. I am seeing lots of larger properties that were say 100-150k more expensive than my current house in 2003 now 400K more expensive in relative terms. It makes more sense for the majority if all properties come down in price, but the same could be said for taxes.
  5. A 3 day weekend sounds great if you can afford it. I am sure more companies will offer this going forward. Sabattical sounds good if you can afford it and get the lump sum.
  6. Very sad, the local council do not cover themselves in glory with this one.
  7. House did not reach reserve, listed now in unsold lots: http://www.countrywidepropertyauctions.co....rch&dbtype=
  8. Also to add that countrywide aucitons who are the auciton house have advertised a guide of 380, its now on rightmove twice once with countrywide at 380 and once with entwhistle and green at 360k go figure
  9. Thank you threetimesdead, I did see this, the auciton is on the 28th so will see what price it goes for. As for the price difference with saxon road see my estate agent explanation above, saxon road falls on the shoreside of birkdale and this house misses it by around 200m :-( i heard from another agent that a house very near will soon be coming on the market for even more, maybe closer to 500+ will see what happens...
  10. Here is the estate agent explanation: There are three distinct areas in birkdale, shoreside = prime expensive properties, the village = second most expensive the rest = least expensive. Given that they are only seperated by less than 500 yards you can see the same houses for upto 100% more expensive in shoreside than the rest of birkdale.....
  11. Agreed, but what event will encourage people to reduce prices, I can let this one go and the next eventually you run out of desirable place and end up paying the same price for less desirable house? catch 22?
  12. another thought, the estate agents are telling me that things are starting to move in the 150 to 300k range, one agent "we have sold 12 house this month so far, we sold 12 last month in total and that was up on march" if these smaller less desirable houses are selling for this sort of price what is the motivation to reduce the price of larger houses?
  13. fully agree with your comments, but prices were driven up by demand/estate agents pushing the market, I assume that the desire at least is still there to buy these properties. Looking at the land registry for most of the roads around here the prices went up at lease 25% between 2006 and 2007 and probably the same again between 2007 and 2008 which has lead to a number of properties coming onto the market at high prices as people attempt to realise these gains. If prices are not falling or people are unwilling to reduce asking prices or accept lower offers does the market simply stagnate? What events will force people to accept lower prices? looks like we will rent for the next 12 months while I see what actually happens.
  14. Thanks, From all of the comments most people think that souhport is overvalued and heading for a fall, although nobody has any real idea on the timing for this fall or the overall real %. I will let you know how I get on with the local estate agents over the coming months, I am not in a hurry to buy but having made an offer on the other property 12 months ago and having it refused, I have not seen any real sign of downwards movement for these kind of houses I would rarther buy move and get on with life, I not looking to make massive profit in the future but not looking to be left looking like a mug in a couple of years either.
  15. Average to good I would say, its had some work done on it but requires further work, the house next door is larger/nicer and sold for 400k in 2006, but like i said before asking prices appear to be rising/holding steady. even in the current market. if you search in rightmove for pr8 you will see a lack of quality places like this for reasonable prices.
  16. The above link was a company sale, I looked at it last year. A relocation company bought the house for 597k in 2007 and put it back on the market at 525k. I offered 450K a year ago and they said no, then they changed agents and said it had been let for 2 years, it was occupied for a few months but has been empty since feb. Agent says they will wait for the market to pick up and put it back on again. Needs a lot of work min 100k maybe double that (roof, windows, kitchen, asbestos garrage roof, new heating system etc) in my view but similar house on the same street is on the market at close to 800k, although its not sold! IMHO there are mabe one or two big houses in southport worth 1m+ but the rest are overpriced places that sould be in the 5 to 700k range which they were in 2006, appears that the bigger houses have gone up a lot since 2006/7 which does not mirror a lot of the comments/expectations on this site.
  17. http://www.christinsley.co.uk/residential_.../100036147.html last sold nov 2007 for 460k now on for 475k, not a lot of quality 4 bed detatched properties on the market in birkdale, the good ones are all 500K+ and not until you get past 600k do you find no problems with the houses. Since the golf open last year the number of new houses coming onto the market at 1m+ has risen although few are selling. http://www.christinsley.co.uk/residential_.../100036147.html
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