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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-15616389.html http://www.michelleharvey.co.uk/particulars.php?propertyID=124473 This house has been reduced 60k and changed agents from bailey estates.
  2. It's worth keeping an eye on the property if its what you really want, lots of sales are falling through at the moment. EA may be lying to get you to make a higher offer now that you have told them what you could really pay. If, and its a big if, this is the place for you, put your current offer in writing subject to survey etc, tell the EA that you are in a position to complete ASAP, if indeed you are, that are not prepared to go any higher in the current environment but will leave the offer on the table while you continue to look at other suitable properties. You may be surprised when they come back and accept your offer. At this point you have the option to negotiate or accept, you have very little to lose. Again if/when you get to speak to the vendor directly be sure to tell them about your experience with their EA. Other advice learnt in the school of hard knocks: 2010 is a buyers market its not 2007. Give the agent as little information as possible, his job is to work for the vendor (who pays the fee) not the buyer. I tend to stick with the following, I want to view property x what dates can we arrange. Position, I am in a position to move, I don't need to talk to your mortgage advisor, reason for moving non of your business, budget non of your business, as I said I am in a position to move, we can disucss money with the vendors if and when I find a suitable property. This is a business transaction, you are not out to make friends with either the EA or the vendor, you will probably never see either again once you have completed your move. You don't get to choose the EA thats the vendors choice as they are paying the fee, vendors usually choose the EA based on who can make them the most cash. Question everything the EA tells you, take most of it with a pinch of salt Use all of the online tools available to get as much info as possible on your target property, nethouseprices.co.uk zoopla.co.uk propertysnake.co.uk amongst others Do your research, be cheeky, talk to neighbours and get a real feel for the street, house, area. I have found lots of helpful advice from planning officers in the local council planning and building regs office, these guys usually know an area and even particular houses very well. Also talk to local architects about the area, best done under the guise of, I am looking to buy property x and extend, loft conversion, conservatory etc, get the conversation going, get their advice and expand to get as much info as possible about the area, remember these guys although busy can be very helpful. There are some good EA's around the ones that understand the market and push for high prices in a rising market and higher transactions at lower prices in a falling market, usually the elder or more sensible, longer established agents, If you find one do try and use them to your advantage, they tend to know about properties that might be coming on the market months in advance due to divorce, deaths etc and because they have been asked to value. In the end you want to buy and someone wants to sell, it really should not be so difficult for EA's to make a sensible living and keep both parties happy. Try and remain unemotional this is a big financial decision that you will have a long time to regret if you get it wrong. I am always surprised at the stories of houses selling on first viewing at asking price. Dont believe the hype the press and EA's push or the dinner party stories r.e. property success. Like gamblers they only ever tell you about the winners. I am sure someone will write a book/tv series about property disasters. Good Luck
  3. Grants are very difficult to obtain. Provide a list of the main points and plenty of people on here will give you their view of cost and risk to put right, then you can decide to proceed with a lower offer or pull out. A link to the property will also help people give you more feedback. Good Luck
  4. So that's another $1100 debt for each person in the Eurozone to keep Spain's economic progress on track. Maybe we should join the Eurozone and apply for a direct distribution to the people on the grounds that government will simply waste it bailing out the financial machine that created this mess. I met some people at a party over the weekend who are about to buy (invest in) property in Spain, its a good time to buy apparently.
  5. Tell the EA that your solicitor will provide proof of your financial capability to proceed directly to the vendor/vendors solicitor once you have agreed a price subject to contract/survey etc. Put your offer along with the above in writing to your agent and insist that they pass it to the vendor or you will inform trading standards etc. Once you have made direct contact with the vendor be sure to let them know what you think of their EA. Sounds like they either want to push their own mortage broker on you or to find out how much you can really afford before advising the vendor to reject your current offer as it is not the maximum that you can afford.
  6. Ok so its Formby and not Southport but I see trouble ahead, down £600K today http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-6146508.html
  7. I took a walk into Southport at lunch time 1:30pm late lunch, new H&M shop just opened in the old woolworths building, people were almost queueing out of the doors to pay for new clothes! No recession here judging by the number of people hitting the shops and the number of new high end cars on the road. I stopped by the Morgan dealership http://www.lifesmotors.com , they are still shipping a lot of cars given the economic climate.
  8. No idea about your legal position but I would either agree with them that they can't sell your house despite trying for 16 weeks and that they should allow you to terminate your contract or co market with another agent, if the other agent sells your house then great, if your existing agent sells your house then great if neither can sell your house consider other options. Talk to your local citizens advice office. If your existing agent wont allow you to terminate your agreement then make them work for their money, insist on full qualification of all viewers, ready to move, mortgage approved etc, call them daily for long periods of time demanding to know exactly what they are doing to sell your house who they have spoken to, which other houses they have sold, % of viewings to completion etc, when, what feed back they have, insist that they accompany each visit assuming that they can get any viewers and make regular visits to advise on how to sell etc, etc insist that they put everthing in writing, if you ask them for detailed feedback for each enquiry they claim to have had, they will soon get fed up and allow you to change agents. You could also make everyone else aware of their name, fee structure and the fact that you don't believe they are worth the money, reputation is everything to an EA. Nobody should be paying upfront marketing fees in this market.
  9. Lot's of staff let go, many being moved to a mostly comission pay structure, running up more debt to stay in business, this is the impression I get around here....
  10. Agree, a friend of mine working for a large blue chip, told me he was getting a new inside job, promotion etc, then told me that the role would be advertised internally for five days to comply with HR policy. Other candidates applied, were interviewed by phone before an announcement was made that said person had got the job. I wonder exactly what % of roles are filled this way?
  11. Stephanie Lippiatt should be jailed & her properties sold off under the proceeds of crime act. Need to examine her past judicial record as she is clearly not fit to pass judgement on anyone.
  12. Another one reduced in Southport today, now £285K from £295k http://www.baileyestates.co.uk/site/go/viewParticulars?propertyID=104692 with Stamp duty paid as well thats another £8.5k saving....
  13. Another one reduced in Southport today, now £285K from £295k http://www.baileyestates.co.uk/site/go/particularsPDF?propertyID=104692 with Stamp duty paid as well thats another £8.5k saving.....
  14. I have been thinking about making an offer on this place http://www.homesonview.co.uk/Scripts/ShowProperty.asp?css=&CompanyID=ELLILORD&AgencyID=ELLILORD&ID=ELP06867 , phoned the EA today to arrange a viewing never been so put off a place by someone paid to sell a house: Unoccupied Cant arrange viewing today or tomorrow etc Its £325K fixed price Sold as seen Water damage Not mortgageable i.e cash only House 2 doors away no 28 sold for £275k in Dec 2009, much larger plot same size house footprint but 2 additional bedrooms in the loft, lot better condition i.e livable in now. Just drove past, guy that shows clients around houses on behalf of EA's is showing a local builder and his girlfriend around the house. Stopped and asked if I could view it as well, told no to make an appointment with the office. Not the best behaviour by an EA in Southport on behalf of their client. I may have to make an official complaint about this one to her boss. Will be very interesting to see what this one goes for.....
  15. Just saw this in the local paper, house being sold on Twitter http://twitter.com/ChurchtownPR9 Story http://www.southportvisiter.co.uk/southport-news/southport-southport-news/2010/03/31/want-to-buy-my-house-me-on-twitter-100252-26143525/2/ says that house was valued between £460 & £480K when it went on the market will accept £325k house website http://churchtowndreamhome.blogspot.com
  16. Still going down in Southport, properties coming onto the market at 2007/8 prices and reducing slowly. Very few sales Follwing reducitons in the last 14 days http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-13853763.html down 10k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23591800.html down 55k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19108510.html down 25K http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23591806.html down 25K http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-15248835.html down approx 75K now gone under offer http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-15259071.html This one has gone UP was a repo late last year now back on the market approx 65K up
  17. Banks need to focus on investing in productive industries, steel, ship building, aircraft manufacturing etc and not derivative scams Reopen the steel works, use the production for high quality big idea projects, how about starting with the high speed rail link but link all of the cities, rebuild the bridges that were lost in the winter floods in steel etc. Britain has the ability to produce virtually everything we need so we should be manufacturing for our own markets first then exporting to the rest of the world With the investment required to replace the nuclear power stations that will close in the next decade we could employ thousands of people.
  18. I just got the following from Zoopla for PR8 showing Market snapshot for PR8 440 sales in the last 12 months, need to check PR9 as well Value change over PR8 Zed-Index!* 3 months 6 months 12 months £188,304 -£-782 (-0.41%) +£3,171 (1.71%) +£17,371 (10.16%) Avg. price paid £184,392 (over last 12 months) No. of sales 440 (over last 12 months) Turnover 14.7% (% of homes sold in last 5 years)
  19. Do the numbers in 2008/9 include the auctions and distressed sales? This place http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-15259071.html sold last year as a repo, I can't remember the price but it was around £360K, I will see if I can find the old details, it came back on the market yesterday at £425K with the same agent, looking at the pictures I think that the only thing that they have done is fit a kitchen and the fireplaces in the front rooms that were removed by the previous owner. This place http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-15248835.html has been relisted with a new agent I am sure it was up for over £670 last year maybe more originally.
  20. Either the Times Online site will go bust or it will revert to free again. It'ws very difficult to start charging for something that has been free since its creation. When they first launched you had to register to read any content. It was still free but you had to provide personal details and an email address, this did not work how do they expect to be able to charge now?
  21. I walked around the estate agents yesterday (lunch time) and they were all empty. I did however see this http://www.housescape.org.uk/cgi-bin/full.pl?&sop1&&SOP1000654&& looks like a lot of house for the money. I could not find it on rightmove.
  22. Thanks for the info. How does this compare with EA valuations in your road?
  23. what did you pay for the survey? Was it the type of valuaiton used by the bank or the full works?
  24. "Virtual Government", should save us a fortune in MP's expenses
  25. St Annes is good but I still think that £142k is too much for a flat outside of central london (zone 1) In answer to your question, I have only ever seen the offers price advertised in the local paper not on rightmove.
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