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  1. They want to charge you three and a half grand to sell a small house and you have to ask if that is reasonable! What planet are you/they on?

    These 2nd hand house unqualified salesmen do practically nothing other than stick a sign outside your house, put a small add on the net and occasionally show people round your house. Then when someone makes a offer they try and get the buyer up a bit and the seller into accepting, just so they got commission.

    200 quid would be nearer the right price.

    The estate agent percentage sales thing is a con and its about time people woke up to it.

    The first big agency that bring in a flat fee will get all the sales business.

    Local agency in Southport did this a few years ago, flat fee of around 1K they got soo much business they could not handle it all, opened three new shops (now closed) could not keep up with demand and ended up annoying both buyers and sellers, back to their old model now with much less stock.

  2. Prices still falling in Formby


    Wed Jul 25 14:34:20 2012

    Price changed: from '£1,350,000' to '£895,000'

    I get the feeling a lot people now realise that the property game is over for the current generation. Its a race to the bottom now.

    IMO this needs to fall another 400K and someone will pick it up at just under 500K. Lets wait and see :-)

  3. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29579302.html

    Down from 700K to 600K in just over a year. Should be priced ok in 2 - 3 years at this rate. I am now betting that these will be 300k houses in a few years, the road has major isses and the smart people have already left. Pumped drainage (service fee), very large new development right behind these houses planned over next few years. 3-4 houses in this row up for sale.

  4. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34749706.html?premiumA=true

    I thought this one would have been snapped up by now, using property bee it shows that there were some offers of upto 605K, but it appears they are not listed, maybe withdrawn/fallen through.

    Given that houses on Selworthy have been advertised at anything upto £2m over the past few years someone must feel that there is a profit to be made here at 550K. Maybe its the death of property development in Birkdale as people realise that even Selworthy houses are not worth 500K in the current market.

  5. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23584152.html

    Another one trying their luck, 3 bedrooms off westbourne road at almost 600K, not in their lifetime! You could get a large 6-8 bed place on Westbourne for this kind of money with a garden, you would still feel that you were over paying.

    If i had to guess I would say that this house will be on the market for several years and will sell for less than 400K, now watch someone prove me wrong :-)

  6. Hmm, bit of skullduggery here? Has it sold? The original listing was ended with a 'sold' status in April, but can't find it on the LR yet, will check in time if I remember.

    Will likely not be moving to Southport now, hence my lack of postings recently, but still poke my head in now and again. Seems like a lot of stuff listed in 2011 according to PropertyBee, maybe old stock just being relisted.

    Not sure if it has sold or not, i know it was put on the market after a extensive overhaul and extension, not worth anywhere near the asking price in my view. Probably another of the lambo driving propery developers in the area, although talking to a lambo dealer over the weekend he said that he has seen more north west property developers looking to offload their cars for cash to stay afloat than hes had hot dinners recently.

    Not a lot else moving, some properties that sold in april/may/june are now comming back on the market as the deals fall through, not sure of the reasons but i assume its funding related.

    I did hear of one couple looking to market their house had valuations between 300 and 320k from most agents with two saying a quick sale would be achievable at 280k, another more down to earth agent suggested to them that 250k was a more realistic asking price, will let you know if they put it on the market.

    I still dont see anything over 350K selling in the town or surrounding areas and the land registry appears to back me up.

    Good luck wherever you end up living, I hope you find the right house at the right price for you.

    looks like the house i posted about above on selworthy road is now going for 605k, which brings the 1m+ houses on the same road back down to earth, but i am sure all i will hear from the agents is how someone got an absolute steal and has doubled their money over night. time will tell.

  7. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/property-ladder-replaced-by-treacherous-property-rope-bridge-

    THE metaphorical ‘property ladder’ is to be replaced by a rickety and unstable ‘property rope bridge’, spanning a yawning property chasm filled with property crocodiles.

    Hungry spiv crocodiles lurk in the water below

    The new metaphor will officially replace the outdated ‘ladder’ motif – traditionally used to describe an individual’s progress through the housing marketing – from early August.

    Nikki Hollis, head of the government’s housing metaphor think tank, said: “Henceforth, those formerly on the ‘first rung’ of the property ladder will find themselves ‘hanging by a fraying property rope over a fast-flowing river’.

    “First-time buyers will be able to imagine their bank manager as Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, laughing and hacking away at the ropes.

    “The traditional ‘ladder’ image, with its attendant sense of robustness, order, and a sturdy place to rest your full body weight without plunging to your death, has been outdated for almost a decade.

    “This new metaphor will illustrate all of the unpleasantness and jeopardy of attempting to buy or sell a house in the current property market.

    “Or ‘property jungle’, as it will now be referred to.”

    Other metaphors that were considered include ‘property three-legged stool’ and ‘property red-light district’, in which the homeowner would walk the streets dressed only in a skimpy dress made of their life savings, attempting to attract the interest of leering estate agents in passing Mini Coopers with their logo painted on them.

  8. Somebody got in very fast

    Entwistle Green are now in receipt of a offer for the sum of £550,000 for 2 Selworthy Road, Southport. PR8 2NR. Anyone wishing to place an offer on this property should contact Entwistle Green, 343-345 Lord Street, Southport PR8 1NH Tel: 01704 543613 before exchange of contracts.**

    Time will tell if it is a wise move or chasing a dream that no longer exists.

    Updated now updated on their EG website

  9. Somebody got in very fast

    Entwistle Green are now in receipt of a offer for the sum of £550,000 for 2 Selworthy Road, Southport. PR8 2NR. Anyone wishing to place an offer on this property should contact Entwistle Green, 343-345 Lord Street, Southport PR8 1NH Tel: 01704 543613 before exchange of contracts.**

    Time will tell if it is a wise move or chasing a dream that no longer exists.

  10. Interesting start to the week


    More falls in Formby - still way too high IMO.

    Most expensive road in Southport

    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34749706.html this is now up for 550K, its not as bad as the agents describe http://www.entwistlegreen.co.uk/buy/property/4-bedroom-house-in-southport,pr8-for-gbp-550,000-ref-1890425/ similar houses on the same road are up between 1 and 1.5m so with this at 550K its a steal or it would be if houses here were really worth 1m, more like crashing back to reality a 500K streek if you ask me so this should be around 300K as it would require at least 200K

    For sale on the same road


  11. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19504365.html

    Formby Falling: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19504365.html

    Reduced 100K after 1 year on the market, agents still talk about an average of 14 weeks for a sale. At this rate it will be priced right in another 4 years :-) (400-450K)

    Edit to add last purchased for 550k in April 2009. Thats some increase considering the economic climate.

  12. Granville Road still falling, but nowhere near the bottom yet IMO.


    Lots of these houses started at around 700K, I think one even sold for this amount. This one has now dropped to 620K. Large development currently going through planning process directly behind these houses on the old school fields, loss of "not overlooked" status and lots of traffic plus noise/disturbance to come over the next few years. Given the river that flows under Granville its looking more of a house of cards play. I can see these going for around 400k in a few years (this is 100K lower than i predicted last year)

    I think the original builder extracted maximum value from this road when these were built around 10 years ago. Given the number that are now on the market or rented out I can only see the prices going one way and thats down.

  13. Nuts, 4 years and counting.

    Yes I agree, talking to EA's they are bouncing along on sub 250k house sales, even these are pretty slow compared to the boom years. Nothing over 400k is moving and lots of people with sub 500k houses are putting them on the market for 700K plus in the hope that 50K reducitons will convince people that they are worth the money. Something has to give but it could take a while longer yet.

  14. I suspect they're referring to 'White Space' (IEEE 802.22) wireless broadband technology, not 4G.

    Bless 'em.

    They are referring to the 800MHz spectrum when used for LTE (4G FDD downlink) interference and blocking of DTT signals in channels 57-60 caused by mobile base stations. Ofcom has been aware of this for a while and are consulting with interested parties, this is often cited as a reason for delay in the 4G spectrum auctions in the UK. Check the ofcom website for more info. The problem is likely to be worse in the USA where they use a reverse duplex frequency plan so mobile phone and not the base station will interfere with the DTT receivers, more phones closer to receivers = more interference. Also likely to affect much of Europe to varying degrees.

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